Alive In Baghdad Escaping Kidnap, Abu Sadiq is Expelled

Escaping Kidnap, Abu Sadiq is Expelled - 10.21.2006

Friendofpeace - 10/24/2006 11:30:05

I’m glad Abu Sadiq is back home.
Please know there are lots of people outside Iraq who are appalled by what is happening and are campaining for change.

Ausama - 10/25/2006 15:40:06

Dear Friend of Peace ,

We know that alot of ppl outside iraq and we know that most of the ppl actually are against war and against what the Collilsion forces doing in iraq .
We just hope it’s going to end soon , and you should know that it’s in your hands , you could stop it !

Thank you


onTheFence - 11/06/2006 17:02:11

How would getting the coalition forces to leave help? It seems to me that their presence is keeping the unrest at a simmer, but that it would quickly escalate to a full boil if they left. What grass roots efforts are being put in place to stem this internal violence? How can you blame coalition forces when it is iraq-ies kidnapping/killing their own? I fear there will be no peace until the mullahs start to preach religious and ethnic tolerance between sunni, shi’a and kurd. National identity must take precedence over religious affiliation before any real progress can be made.

realUScitizen - 11/21/2006 14:03:40

My Friend onTheFence,

You have hit the preverbial nail on the head. Everyone wants to stand back and blame the coalition forces for everything that happens, but when the crap hits the fan, we are the ones they want to help. If the forces left tomorrow, Iraq would implode. If the entire Iraqi population would stand up against those who are doing the kidnapping and killing, things would definaely get better. However, it is easier to stand back and blame those who are trying to help than to do it for theirselves. I know that if someone had kidnapped or killed a family member of mine, and no one else was going to help, I would become the kidnappers/killers worst enemy.

spiker - 12/10/2006 01:22:40

I sit and watch your religious leaders drag the religion of peace closer to the pits of hell. When we saw the joyously preached hatred, spewed forth from the many imams after 911 ya just knew the world was in serious shit. When the current leader of the free world decided to screw Persia over and invade to repair his daddys wounded pride ya just knew the world was in serious shit. when I saw peace loving moslems flocking EAGERLY to martyr themselves on any American soldier after same invasion. ya just know the world is in serious shit. godspeed to all peace loving people of the world, when we can all live and let live, see each other as brothers, then and only then will we manage to see another century on this mortal coil. keep yer head down out there on the front lines lines

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