Alive In Baghdad Qasem’s First Day of Arrest, Continued…

Qasem’s First Day of Arrest, Continued… - 10.18.2006

Friendofpeace - 10/19/2006 10:47:29

Qasem you are very brave. I am appalled by what has happened to you.

anois - 10/21/2006 05:00:23


A very dear friend of mine died in Iraq last week. He was an American soldier. I think about Iraq a lot but losing him makes it more real to me.

I say that because I want you to know that your blog is important, too. You help us (all of us who are not there and can’t fully understand the fear) to feel and see what is going on.

I’m sorry for what you are experiencing, what your family is experiencing, your people. May you continue to write, to tell, to inform us all and may your heart not be filled with hate from all of this.


qasem - 10/21/2006 17:05:07

dear friends

first I feel sad for our al lives that gone in Iraq …and I can imagine partialy the feels of their families and friends…it is hard to find pariend gone suddenly ..and it is more hard when U miss them but U can contact them because they gone.

dear anois:
I know that U see many thing in ur daily life that make U miss ur lost friend …things such as memorials ..places and words

the situation in Iraq is like this ….every body conecting with Iraq lost some thing ….and sure Iraqis lost alot …because they living there addition to Americans whose send their sons to Iraq .

every body is loser and U …no winners at all …

I will keep writing …for U and for me …
I feel better when I write down my daily life…its make my feels comming out peacefuly …

thanks for your care about details of crushing peace …and for ur care to get it back ….

my writings is very small part of what hapening in my city ….many things I missed it because I cant reach its location ..or feel them at the time…..because I only one person

beleive this….most people who living in Iraq have story …at least their own story ….most of these stories could be good book to tell the next generations about HOW PEACE AND WAR REALITIES

dont trust who ask to use weapon to get peace……peace can be got only by peace

thanks for U ” Anois ”

and thanks for U “Friendofpeace”

Global Voices Online » Blog Archive » Landing at the Iraqi Blogodrome - 11/04/2006 11:28:37

[…] Over at Alive in Baghdad, Qassem posts his story of how he was arrested and interrogated by American troops. The story is eye-opening, bitter and funny and you should just read it in full. Here is an excerpt: after we finished our food the marines shouted at me ..”Everyone go back to his bed …and NO TALKING …..move now” he shouted and I told the other detainees what he said … of the detainees was funny ..he loved to make it funny …he did not move although I told him what the soldier said ..he just stay sitting and ignored the soldier shouting!!! […]

kabababrubarta - 03/26/2007 19:04:30

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Scott - 08/29/2007 13:49:46

I read what you write, I’ve read a lot of it. I wonder, as I’m about to join the US army, if I can do anything good. I feel like going through life without trying is a wasted life, but I know of no way to do good.

I’m joining the army, and I hope, I pray, that I will not be one of these people that you write about. These guys aren’t that much different than you, most of them anyway. They joined the military to make their family proud, they got sent overseas to a hostile environment, where they’ve been stuck WAY past what their initial tour was supposed to be. They’re scared too, however, this was volunteered by them.

I hope to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Matt - 11/04/2007 02:03:08

What are the US forces to do and what is going to happen when we leave? Is this not the big question? This is the first time I’ve been to the site and I must say that there’s an overwhelming amount of anti-American sentiment in the Iraqi people’s rhetoric.

I was drawn to your site because I heard it was “real” and that it took a non-partisan look at the culture of the Iraqi people. However, I feel that most of what I’ve seen or read here is contradictory to what fact based reports show. According to reports, violence is down 70% and there hasn’t been a single military or civilian casualty in two weeks. This is good news, right? Shops and malls are opening in what were some of the most violent parts of the country while we hear that al Qaeda is all but decimated. Are these not accurate statements?

I don’t mean to be sarcastic in my questions; I just want to know the truth. The men that serve our U.S. military are not malicious men but are the most honorable and distinguished people the world has to offer. They do not get the recognition they deserve. Do the Iraqi people understand our rules of engagement and that every last man and woman from our military is volunteer? We are the highest trained and most restrained force the world has ever known trying to bring peace to a region that only knows war. What are we to do? Would they like us to just leave? Do they know the consequences?

God Bless the USA…

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