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Another Rocket in Baghdad - 10.10.2006

Odile - 10/10/2006 14:37:42

Cher Omar,

Salam Aleikoum !

Je suis une citoyenne franco-mexicaine et c’est les larmes aux yeux que je vois vos vidéos, que je vois le visage dévasté de Um Basheer. Que je vois ses biens détruits.

Nous voulons que cet enfer se termine et que vous puissiez reprendre une vie normale. Ce que votre peuple endure est atroce. Ce que nous voyons tous les jours à la télévision est horrible.

Que devons nous faire ? Que peut faire l’occident à part maudire le gouvernement de Bush qui est de moins en moins soutenu par son peuple. On leur cache tout aux américains. Plus personne leur dit ce que l’on vous fait subir, plus personne leur dit que leurs soldats meurent, tout n’est que sous-entendu.

J’aimerais bien vous faire un don, mais comment savoir que ça va chez les bonnes personnes et pas contre ceux qui commettent tant des massacres et qui tuent d’autres frères irakiens.

Bon Ramadan ????????


James Starowicz - 10/10/2006 18:28:52

Hope you don’t mind. I just posted this video up over at the ‘YouTube’ site than placed in on my blog with Requests that folks who view it Visit Your Site to view more and read your blog postings.
I have also sent it out to a number of people and groups.
Everyone, Who Cares, here in the Country that has caused the Iraqi’s ‘So Much Grief’ are trying to find out what has Happened to the Young Girl Blogger called ‘Riverbend’, she hasn’t posted anything in a long time. If you have any information could you pass it on to me at E-Address given!
Thank You,
And Your Sorrow Is Ours!!

Phil Morle's Adventures in Entertainment and Technology - 10/13/2006 20:30:09

links for 2006-10-14…

Alive In Baghdad An excellent example of web tv. Stories told by real people in Iraq. (tags: iamthetv webtv documentary)……

Treasure of Baghdad - 10/15/2006 21:00:48

Wow! Thank you for letting people see our suffering in this excellent and professional way.

May all Iraqis find peace.

Jonny Goldstein - 10/16/2006 15:54:31

Excellent. I wonder what’s going to happen in Iraq? My heart goes out to the innocent people caught up in this turbulence.

Anonymous - 10/17/2006 19:08:59

At the beginning of the video, the woman says her car is worth $75,000 in Arabic!! I don’t know if this was purposely mistranslated or what?

Friendofpeace - 10/19/2006 05:18:34

Wow thank you for bringing us this video. Best wishes to the lady and everyone in Iraq.

Alive In Baghdad - 11/06/2006 20:45:34

[…] For other examples of sectarian violence reported on by Alive in Baghdad, see this story about another rocket attack, and this about an AiB correspondent who was kidnapped by a militia. To hear more about concerns with Iraq’s security forces, see this interview with a man who was detained by the Iraqi Army in Ramadi. […]

BlakeAflatoxins - 11/09/2006 13:37:16

Lots of us in the USA are deeply
concerned about the “every day lives”
of Iraqis. It’s amazing to me and
my friends that life is so cheap to
some people. People here and there.
May you have the peace you all deserve.

Lucy Wilson - 11/19/2006 20:10:11

I really feel sorry for this lady, i would really like to help her, my husband just got fired from his job a few weeks ago. we have no income coming in at the moment, but I still feel the need to help her get a car, albit it a used on, how can I help?

Thanks Lucy

David - 12/08/2006 13:15:18

She says she wants “the Americans to know”? Know what, that there is violence or that we, the US people, are responsible?
The Americans to not pay for rockets to be supplied to our troops to fire into civilian homes, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia do. Why isn’t she saying I want the Iranian, Syrian and Saudi people to know what their governments are going?

Jerry - 12/14/2006 15:10:28

David’s post on 12-8-06 hits the point. This women has to have a reason to question our help in Iraq. Our news services have hit on this to some degree. We are failing the people of Iraq. We went into their country knowing basically nothing of their culture, their tribal situations, etc. I believe Israel wanted us in Iraq, and now they have bigger motives,i.e., trying to get us involved in Iran. We must get out of Iraq as soon as possible with all military forces. This must be solved by the people and politicians in Iraq. Just one persons opinion, but I believe this is finally being supported by a majority of people in the U.S. I feel so sorry for the people of Iraq, as they have been used by the rich and powerful as pawns, and the people who decided to go into Iraq were clueless. I will consider sending some money for your efforts, as I do believe we Americans need to see more video as you are showing. Thank You!!

mookie - 02/20/2007 12:50:59

There is a missed opportunity here. Unguided rockets are pretty random weapons that punish whole neighbourhoods. Althought the questions are difficult to ask, I really want to know who did this and why? Blaming the ignorant is begging the questions.
1) Was it safe for this lady to speculate why this was done or who did it?
2) Who benefits from this random attack.
3) How might someone benefit from this attack?
Launching rockets takes effort - some person believed it was a means to some end. Without answers we risk is the impression that Iraqis are just a naturally violent people.

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