Alive In Baghdad Qasem’s First Day Under Arrest

Qasem’s First Day Under Arrest - 10.11.2006

Scribehermes - 10/12/2006 01:35:44

It is tormenting to the sensitive ones even to read incidents such as these. We are taught to believe that Saddam was the evil one and the Americans are the saviours, though no one with any bit of sense caters to this notion anymore. But there are a lot of unanswered questions about Saddam himself. How was the life of Iraqis under Saddam? Can you, Qassim, write about that?

Neo - 10/14/2006 13:27:08

You’re a brave man qassem , can you beleive that we here in baghdad don’t know what is happening there in ramady ! ?! I don’t know what to do but to say :may god help you and us !
Thank you

qasem - 10/15/2006 10:02:22

I will answer these two comments:
about Iraqis life under Saddam time ….we have only one red line …it is >> any active against Saddam or the Govermnet is red line …..any thing else is allowed and sure rules is ” do what U want if U dont hurt others or dont hurt the secuirity ….

and for Neo in Baghdad
I realy have deep sadness about the situation i baghdad ….I hope that Baghdad people be stronger soon …and say NO for killers that supported by political parties….I know that Baghdad people lost their active soul because of shortage in feul and electricity and needs for daily life.
I like to ask U quiastion Neo ” who is the enemy number one for peace in Baghdad .??” ….please tell me and tell the readers ….it is important to hear U …U living there so U know alot of things to say it and make it come out

thanks for

Neo - 10/16/2006 08:49:54

Dear Qasem ,
It’s very difficult to know who’s worse than who !
but i would like to say that nothing of the killing and kidnapping would’ve happen without the apporval of the american forces here , i feel that everything happening here is part of the american policies in iraq !
now the shee’a militias are killing both sunni mostly and shee’a ,
sunni extremists are killing both sunni and shee’a mostly ,
and the americans are planting the bombs and we can’t figure out why after all !

Scribehermes I don’t want to sound like i’m pro-saddam hussein , but everyone in iraq say this and addmit it : at saddam time we used to go out 24*24 hours , we were afraid of nothing , just like qassem said , if you’re not against saddam , then you’re safe !

Thank you


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Lesley - 10/20/2006 08:04:16

You are very brave. I am appalled by what happened to you.

qasem - 10/20/2006 16:01:03


thanks for all
dear New:
it true that it there is many bad sides in Iraq playing roles now …but let us say this fatc ….
generaly there is to sides ..clear sides ( orginized ) such as government and political parties militias addtion to US troops that made many crimes that sometimes they call it (MISTAKES )

other bad side is not clear …all what we know about it is comming by media …this media that mostlyfunded by rich political parties and known powers and governments …

so for me …Itrust my eyes …only my eyes ..and my eyes saw militias makeing checkpoints in Baghdad and kille the civilians in streets using Iraqi police cars

and my eyes saw US troops attacking civilians houses and killed civilians on the high ways and cities …such as Fallujah and Ramadi and Qaim

in Baghdad there is suicided cars killing civilians in markets …the big quistion is ( why the US troops or Iraqi police ignored the burned parts of these cars and they dont try to find or decuminate its body serial Numbers to know from where this car came at least ???? ”

and till now we dont know why militias still free in Baghdad although there is more than 50000 Iraqi soldiers and more than 6000 US soldiers ….killers still free in Baghdad ..and political prties still use them to scare Iraqis and to show off that they have strong role to play !!!!

yes it is not clear who is the most criminal ..but I think it is important to stop the criminals that we knew first then looking for the SHADOW CRIMINALS

Mariana - 10/20/2006 21:51:48

Dear Qasem,

I admire so much your bravery. Take care please.

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