Alive In Baghdad AiB Correspondent Arrested by Marines

AiB Correspondent Arrested by Marines - 10.09.2006
Comments - 10/09/2006 11:06:24

AiB Correspondent Arrested by Marines…

Alive in Baghdad[Ramadi] — "At 27 September 2006 US marines get in my house at 2:00 am (2 hours after midnight)? they inspected all the house s…

Saad - 10/10/2006 07:32:13

Very interesting to learn of the Marines arresting a guy for writing blogs. This gives us a glimps on the way the US is fighting terror & establishing democracy in Iraq.
I wonder if they are going to do the same to Michael Moore also (he doesn’t write disturbing blogs, but directs un-patriotic films).

If they were that interested in the author’s blogs, why arrest him then? Or maybe the goal of the whole operation was to terrorise him to stop writing?

Also how kind of the Marines to make friends with the jailed author. This is a new American fashion: To make friends with s.o., go to his house in the middle of the night, break his furniture & ARREST HIM for two weeks! Then tell him your purpose from behind bars.
PS: Don’t forget to deny him his rights in the process!!!

Bill in USA - 10/10/2006 12:04:13

Hi Qasem:

I guess the Marines read my emails to you too. Hope they saw that we discussed how Marines and Green Berets might have better ideas to help Iraq than the regular Army and neocon leaders.

I have family in the military (Navy and Coast Guard though, not land forces). They say people in the military towns in Virginia where they live are concerned about Iraq, and more and more think the invasion was a mistake. Hope the Marine who asked for your email will be honest and a friend. and perhaps lend his voice to more peaceful solutions.

Glad you are out of jail Qasem! Glad you saw your nephew, and at least know he is all right for now! I have been checking in with the blog, to see what happened with him.

Your friend

David - 10/10/2006 13:17:14

So the Marines read this blog, and, presumably, the commments, too. If so, they can perhaps recognize themselves as the child-killers they are. Maybe some of them are “friendly,” but it would be a mistake to believe anything they say, as they only signed up to kill people. Oh, and to make a little money in the process. I am a new reader of this blog, and it breaks my heart to read about what is happening to Iraq and its people. Here in the US, we are utterly stumped about how to stop the war machine, because it will only turn on us and devour us all once it is finished in Iraq. Sadly, it is far from finished, it appears. Please stay strong Qasem, and know that millions of us are hoping and praying for peace in your land.

A friend of peace,


jarvenpa - 10/11/2006 21:44:50

I am glad you are safe for the moment, and hope your nephew too will be released soon. Today there were reports that the US intends to keep troops in your country until 2010. I pray that this is not so. I grew up in a military family (many generations of soldiers). Like David I find myself often heartbroken.
But still I hope someday we will all know peace.

Khala - 10/16/2006 13:54:09

I am so sorry for the things that you and your family have suffered. I am sorry for the pain my country has caused to your people. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and I do not believe in bombs as a means to achieving peace. Many Americans claim to believe in Jesus, but you can tell by their actions that they only follow themselves. Thank you for writing about your experiences. I am praying for your safety.

Professor Zero - 10/17/2006 21:55:08

I hope your nephew is all right, and that you don’t get arrested again. That breaking of furniture strongly suggests to me that they were at least as interested in being mean as in finding out whether the blog supported the insurgency. I really hope they do not give you any more trouble.

bruno - 10/18/2006 10:21:22

This isnít the first time that an Iraqi has been arrested for the sake of reading or writing a blog. It does not surprise me at all. Of course they were angry, because your words likely reflected the ďotherĒ reality that they do not want to face or think about. They donít want to think that they are unwanted and that they are occupying.

They donít want to think about the crazy logic that keeps them in Iraq Ė namely that they will leave when the violence stops, but that they as invaders were the first to cause the violence and their very presence is keeping the violence against them alive.

Imagine the Russians or Chinese invading the US and then demanding the Americans stop fighting as a condition for them to leave! Would Americans stop? Would anybody believe the Chinese?

Yet this is what they want you to believe.

Still, take heart. It sounds like you were treated fairly well and werenít beaten or abused as is typical in the US jails. Iíd say, though that it might be best for your sake not to write too much about the activities of the Americans or the Resistance people in Ramadi. Wallah, you donít want to get caught up in the middle of this.

nes018 - 10/18/2006 17:04:46

Wow what a story. I am glad you are alright.

Jody - 10/18/2006 17:10:51

keep writing! the fact that they arrested you means that they are afraid your voice might have a political impact. They are scared of people finding out what’s really going on over there, so they try and suppress your voice under the guise of “security threats.” The same happens in much less obvious ways over here. The sacrifice you are making to continue to write is greatly appreciated, by everyone who hopes for peace. Thank you.

Chikitita - 10/18/2006 18:53:34

Welcome to democracy. Yeah Sure

Neo - 10/19/2006 19:35:00

Basically , there is no good reason for them to stay in iraq , but they can’t leave now , because it’s too Much complicated for the sake of the US government , they’re gonna look like chickens and cowards infront of the american community and their supporters and ofcourse infront of the whole world !
simply their words of a better future for the middle east,iraq and iraqis will reveil as Huge Lies and Hoax !

Now , Bush said : The situation in iraq might started to look like Vietnam , while a month ago he said iraq is not another vietnam and they’re making a hell of a progress !Woww what a progress he made ( unless he meant a negative progress ) !

Thank you Qassem again and Hamdella al salama ,hope those marines are still reading !


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Asim - 11/20/2006 02:13:07

Hey just read your story and wanted to say I am making prayers for everyone in iraq.

Your story really touched me and hope to stay in contact with you.

My heart and prayers go out to you and your family for safety.

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