Alive In Baghdad The Banality of Violence… or, In Wartime, Everybody’s a Target

The Banality of Violence… or, In Wartime, Everybody’s a Target - 09.07.2006

Alive In Baghdad - 01/08/2007 20:27:20

[…] We’re often asked how the AiB correspondents are able to do the work they do under the conditions they face. Today, Isam shows us what happened back when we blogged about him and his family winding up in the middle of a battle between Mahdi Army militia members, and United States and Iraqi military forces. […]

anon - 01/09/2007 07:21:34

thats incredible.

Rob - 01/28/2007 20:47:45

The fact that Iraqis do not appear to have any understanding about who is outsiders, who is Saddamist, who is Al Queda, they do not seem to see weapons being handled, transported, or used, even when every city block must have a weapon stash that is used by the terrorists. If they cannot control their own city they won’t be able to get secuity. They must locate the terrrorists and their weapons, until then the will suffer.

sally - 02/04/2007 13:28:11

I feel that there country belongs to them and they should be able to have there own goverment that handles there own i have a son over there and i am one of the people over here that thinks this this war or occupation of this country should come to a end and let these people make there own peace .

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