Alive In Baghdad Adhamiya Residents Describe Katyusha Attack

Adhamiya Residents Describe Katyusha Attack - 08.17.2006

Alive In Baghdad - 11/06/2006 13:13:25

[…] Alive in Baghdad reported on once such incident on August 17th 2006. […]

Roger - 12/22/2006 02:51:56

The little girl made me wanna cry.
All my heart goes out to them., Im right here in Newyork in my bed with nice matteressand pillow to sleep on and the only sound to wake me up is the sound of my Alarm clock. I want the same thing for iraqi kids. Not a bomb to wake them. PEACE to the young kids.

Alive In Baghdad - 01/15/2007 16:09:48

[…] Isam wasn’t acting as a journalist on this day, he was just trying to take his pregnant wife, who had gone into labor, to the hospital. Despite the necessity of the trip, Isam and his family still found themselves risking their lives. Back in August we brought you a story abouta family in Adhamiya whom had a rocket fired at their house. These are the kind of random acts of violence facing everyone in Iraq, no matter where you go or what your profession is. comments(5) Home | Blog | Video Archive | About | Donate | Contact | Subscribe | Alive in Mexico _uacct = “UA-647602-4″; urchinTracker(); […]

Alive In Baghdad - 02/28/2007 14:19:36

[…] For other stories of Iraqis who have experienced violence in their homes, see this video, of a family whose home was hit by a rocket in Adhamiya, and a woman whose cars were destroyed in Mansur. These men protect their neighborhood, in much the same way as Ghassan, a man who is reported to have been detained by the Americans in this video. For another story of an American raid on an Iraqi home, see this woman talking about her son who was killed in Samarra, allegedly by American forces. […]

ikbal mohammed - 03/23/2007 16:23:06

To be objective, neutral and truthful you need to hear and see the other side point of view. This is a sunni area, have you reported from the other group area to see the dustruction and death that the “sunni” insurgent have inflicted on poor workers, women and children.

Alive In Baghdad - 06/18/2007 09:00:58

[…] previous videos depicting the dangerous impact of these weapons, please see Adhamiya Family Describes Katyusha Attack, Another Rocket in Baghdad, and of course most recently, Mortars & Rockets in Iraq. […]

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