Alive In Baghdad To Many, Lebanon Appears as a Mirror Image

To Many, Lebanon Appears as a Mirror Image - 08.15.2006

Anonymous - 08/17/2006 10:12:26

There is a close similarity between Iraq and Lebanon. Both have Shia and Sunni communities, and in both Iran is building up its client militias with the intention of installing a puppet regime in power which would do the bidding of the Mullahs in Tehran.

I do not understand why the Israelis are supposed to sit and do nothing when rockets are continually fired at them. They withdrew from Lebanon six years ago. What legitimate reason is there for the big buildup of arms by Hezb’allah, or the cross-border raid?

Why are the Iranian regime wasting hundreds of millions on an attempt to kill the Jews, when they have many poor people in Iran who need help, and big problems with buildings which are not earthquake proof? Could it be blind anti-semitic prejudice and fanaticism?

Anonymous - 08/18/2006 15:35:27
How many rockets were fired

How many rockets were fired against Israel before Israel began to systematically destroy Lebanon last month? No one seems to know this number.

That’s another similarity with Iraq. What had Iraq actually done to deserve being utterly destroyed by Western power? Ultimately, the crime of an Arab is not possessing nerve gas or rockets. It is the refusal to obey the White Man. We murdered millions of people in Vietnam for the crime of refusing to obey us, justified by the fraudulent Gulf of Tonkin excuse.

But we let the Soviets off easy for attempting to put honest to God nuclear missiles in Cuba - in exchange for removing them, we removed our missiles from Turkey. Seems to be a different standard there.

Meanwhile, Anonymous, you fail to have said anything to the people being interviewed in this article. They think that Israel and America are in a colonial war to subjugate all Arabs.

Anonymous - 08/19/2006 08:21:51
Lebanon and Iraq

Here is one dissimilarity between Iraq and Lebanon. The Lebanese Army, however weak, is a potent symbol of a unified Lebanon - that’s why the people in south Lebanon are cheering their arrival. The Iraqi army is feared because it is a symbol of sectarian hatred.

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