Alive In Baghdad Syndicate Alive in Baghdad Video!

Syndicate Alive in Baghdad Video! - 08.03.2006

Anonymous - 08/04/2006 15:25:29
Convert to play on an iPod


here´s Alexx from Germany and this is not a bulk or spam comment.

If your work with an Mac, I give you a tip to convert your movies correct for an iPod. Take a look at isquint. It is a very small freeware tool and you can find it at You can put your h264, mov or DV into it and the tool convert it into mp4, that file is playable on an iPod.

Perhaps you should use mp4 as video format, and may be you reach more viewers.

Kind regards
Alexx,, German vlogger

Anonymous - 08/04/2006 16:55:03
Internet TV Feeds

You might want to also add a media=”tv” to your HTML (in your pages code). As in…

  <link media=”tv”

That way people and software can tell your RSS feed is your feed contains stuff that should be “watched” (like videos), instead of “read” (like text).

See RSS and Atom Feed Auto-Discovery for Internet TV for more info

Charles Iliya Krempeaux

Anonymous - 08/07/2006 07:03:33

Hi Alexx, and thanks for your interest in converting the video to mp4 format for ipod. The issue is not with not knowing how to make it ipod compatible, but rather that licensing of the mp4 codec does not allow us to do this. Until the licensing of the mp4 codec changes we can’t distribute in this format. Unfortunately, at this time ipods use mp4 so the only option for viewers is to convert the videos. We are working with apple to find an ameliorable option and will offer a solution as soon as possible. Thanks again for your interest

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