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Check out Alive in Baghdad on Today! - 08.02.2006

Anonymous - 08/03/2006 00:51:27
Any plans to show the plight of Israelis under seige?

On the one hand, I’m glad to see technology being used to show what’s happening in Baghdad but I am deeply saddened by the apparent and complete lack of historical context. A couple entries made it sound as though America ruined a perfectly peaceful country run not by a brutal dictator but by an Arab version of Santa Claus whose “supposely” brutal actions only get a “aw shucks, you silly meglomaniac…” with a friedly pat on the shoulder. Where are the stories of people who were brutalized by the former dictators regime? You speak of Beirut. What about Haifa? What about all the Israelis living in bunkers…unable to function normally because a terrorist organization rains down munitions over their otherwise peaceful lives. Let your city be blasted by missiles for days and see if you look at the fight for life in terms of “what’s fair”. This is a matter of confronting evil. Evil wants to kill and destroy ALL. Good wants to protect even if it means such drastic means as retaliation or pre-emption. Quit buying the lines of the Hamas’s and the Hezbollah’s of the world and recognize it for what it is - propaganda meant to insight further hatred. There are many innocents caught in the middle. Show their stories…but don’t forget that there’s a larger war being waged for the future of the planet. To ignore context is to ignore the larger truths. Truth isn’t always shiny and neat and…nice. But truth is truth. There’s good. There’s evil. America is NOT the bad guy in this and for all your negativity…sure Iraqis are in a precarious situation and I’m not discounting that fact….let’s not lose sight of the good (yes, good…and a lot of it) that we’ve been able to bring and will bring in the future. You don’t actually think the Taliban would bring back Blue’s clubs and art gallery shows were they to take over control, do you? Keep up the good work but don’t forget to seek truth and not just the truth you WANT to see. ~ Jon H

Anonymous - 08/03/2006 14:02:11
new blog

Rethinkthank: Analyzing media coverage of the Middle East conflict(s).

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Anonymous - 08/04/2006 16:27:27

I'm sorry anonymous, but no one here is trying to make Saddam Hussein out to be 'Santa Claus', the reason so little is mentioned about him is that he is no longer a player in the Middle East; he is in jail. As for those "Israelis living in bunkers…unable to function normally because a terrorist organization rains down munitions over their otherwise peaceful lives" - I take serious issue with your stance. With terrorists raining down munitions I expect yu are referring to Hezbollah. If this is the case, have you stopped to consider they are a political party? They have leaders within the Lebanese government! Just because you don't agree with their stance or tactics does not make them terrorists. I don't think the confederate leaders of the past U.S. history were right. I agree with nothing they held dear. They killed men, women, children, and promoted slavery. Were they terrorists? - Absolutely not.


But that's different you say these people use rockets and attack seemingly randomly trying to kill any Israeli they can … well this may be true, or it could be that they are trying to protect for a much more sophisticated and wealthy enemy by any means possible. Is israel any better? They use precision guided missles and mmillion dollar jets to hit… hospitals, nursery schools full of children, U.N. peacekeepers.

Stop picking sides because the Whitehouse told you to. Last time I checked Israel had a slogan: "from the Euphrates to the Nile" and Hezbollah had a flag with a gun on it.

Who is to blame here? EVERYONE WITH A WEAPON.

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