Alive In Baghdad From Lebanon Under Assault

From Lebanon Under Assault - 07.29.2006

Anonymous - 08/02/2006 09:39:08

Thank you so much for the balance in your report. Yes, there is devastation. There is terror on both sides of the border, in Lebanon and in Israel. The mainstream news outlets are not giving us such interviews as you had with Mr. Antonius. In addition to Hezbollah and Israel, one also should direct anger at the Lebanese government, which mortaged their nations’s prosperity by giving the south to Hezbollah. It took a popular uprising of the Lebanese people to force the Syrians out. The Lebanese government, the Europeans, and the U.S. did nothing until they had that cover. If only the same could occur with respect to Hezbollah.

Anonymous - 08/03/2006 09:57:37
Thank you

Dear , Sir , madam ,
Thank you for your comment , I tried to be very fair on reporting the real image on the ground in Lebanon , also thank you for reading my report , and special thx for the whole readers who are supporting and reading : .
We are trying to cover the situation in Middle East, in a very fair way, and get the real news from the both sides, and show the different opinions in there.
Shadi Alkasim

Anonymous - 08/03/2006 19:27:55
amazing work.

it’s a great job shadi keep going…

Linda - 08/31/2007 16:02:39

Shadi is doing such an important job and I am thankful for people like him who are trying to help the truth be known!

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