Alive In Baghdad Kidnapped in Baghdad

Kidnapped in Baghdad - 07.25.2006

Anonymous - 07/26/2006 00:23:33

aliveinbaghdad is very non-partisan and objective. about iraq, by iraqis. hate to hear this. sorry Brian.

Anonymous - 07/26/2006 02:06:51
Hoping for the best

That’s terrible news. Thanks for the work you’re doing there.

How much do you know about the history of this individual; i.e. do you know for certain this was the cause of his abduction?

Alive In Baghdad - 10/20/2006 00:58:50

[…] Aside from death, abduction of a correspondent is just about the last thing anyone involved in a media organization wants to hear. On July 23rd, that is exactly what happened. Kidnappings have now become routine in Baghdad. Luckily Marwan was released approximately three days after his kidnapping. […]

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