Alive In Baghdad A Family Deals with the Legacy of the Gulf War

A Family Deals with the Legacy of the Gulf War - 07.16.2006

Anonymous - 07/16/2006 13:50:52
This is terrible. This child

This is terrible. This child has to be operated. Contact an American basis or show photos of the child to an American Patrol and ask for help. And send this story to CNN or anyother US news agency!

Anonymous - 07/28/2006 19:54:34
Can this child be treated

Can this child be treated somewhere outside the country. I feel horribly for that family. St. Jude’s is a wonderful charity, free of charge, for children with catastrophic illnesses. It is in Memphis, TN., USA. The hospital was founded by one of the most wonderful man, Danny Thomas. He was Lebanese and became famous in Hollywood. I know someone, somewhere can help that poor child. It’s just a matter of getting the word/video out.

Good Luck and bless you all.

Erin in Tucson, AZ.

Anonymous - 08/08/2006 13:27:33
This needs bringing to the attention of the general public

This is disgusting - what can we do? How can this be brought to everyone’s attention? They’re now using this in the Lebanon.

Friendofpeace - 10/24/2006 11:46:36

^ They are using this in Lebanon? I didn’t know. This must be stopped, and we must help these people.

Roy Edwards - 02/26/2007 15:07:41

Clearly this baby needs medical help. But is there any evidence that DU caused this?

Alive In Baghdad - 04/04/2007 09:24:26

[…] Alive in Baghdad has produced several shows examining these difficulties. Although primarily focused on the potential impact of depleted uranium, particularly in children, we have also interviewed a doctor, medical students, and a father whose daughter has a strange and unexplained illness. […]

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