Alive In Baghdad Saddam’s Execution Likely, Fair Trial Less So

Saddam’s Execution Likely, Fair Trial Less So - 06.27.2006

Anonymous - 06/27/2006 13:09:35
Does it matter?

He’s been out of action for a year. Has it helped? At least Bush got his statue.

Anonymous - 07/24/2006 18:46:51
Saddam’s trial

Since the invasion of Iraq was ilegal and promoted by fabricated intelligence Saddam is still the president of Iraq.
If Saddam is killed for the muder of Kurds who wanted to kill him then sombody should take Bush in court for invadsing 2 countries killing many more people then Saddam.
Democracy will not happen in Iraq.
It is like a rapist wanting his victimes to stay virgin.
Or Satan promoting peace on earth.

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