Who Would Iraq Elect, Obama or McCain? - 11.03.2008

VIDEO - Iraq, Baghdad - This week at Alive in Baghdad, with the United States Presidential election looming and Iraq coverage dwindling dramatically, we decided to combine the two topics. Correspondents Nabeel Kamal and Ali Al-Le’abiy hit the streets of Baghdad and interviewed several Iraqis as to their opinion of the candidates.

Our sampling was done in a short timeframe and by no means represents a statistically accurate cross-section of the Iraqi public. However, we do feel that you will hear an array of different opinions, and begin to gain a little insight into how the Iraqi public views the American government and electorate, more than five and years after the invasion.

Please leave comments regarding your own views of the presidential candidates, and how you think they will affect the war in Iraq and how they should respond to these and other Iraqi civilians.

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