Refining Oil in the Doura District - 04.14.2008

The Doura refinery was attacked by a mortar bombardment on December 11th, 2007. The attack caused a huge fire and destroyed nearly 40% of the refinery.

The Doura refinery is located in Doura neighborhood which has been considered one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Baghdad. The workers in the refinery are constantly facing the risk of being killed by the extremist militias, the risk they are facing is not only the fake checkpoints, but also the blasts that are taking place on the road to the refinery.

Most of the drivers who deliver the unrefined oil to the refinery are facing a great likelihood of being killed, due the belief that the oil is going just to the US, and not being provided to the Iraqis. Because of the violence against these workers, Baghdad has been going though several severe oil crises, and until now the Iraqi government is trying to provide security for the refinery.


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