Adhamiya Dispatch #4 - 11.15.2007

[Editor’s note: This is Alaa’s newest update on the unfolding situation in Adhamiya. You can now see some photos, courtesy of IraqSlogger’s hosting, we’ll also post a link to the article but you’ll have to become a paying subscriber to view the article.]

On Wednesday Al Sahwa troops arrested some more Al-Qa’eda fighters yesterday in Aadhamiya and they were taken to the US troops.

Everyday now the United States forces in Adhamiya are finding more and more roadside bombs being left at car parkinglots or near the parks, or other places, and they are detonating them for disposal.

Some of the people Aadhamiya think that the insurgents have done this because they have no way now to use these things, because al-Sahwa forces know them well and they also know where these insurgents have been hidning their devices.

Now some news about the locations of checkpoints around Adhamiya:

They put them everywhere in Adhamiya, from the north at Omar Street, and to the south in Anteer Square and from the east at Al-Kam to the west at Al Numan Hospital.

Also they are in all the major streets and sometimes three or four checkpoints in the same street if it is a long one like Omar street and Al-Thubbat street and when you move by car in Adhamiya now you have to leave the car in every street to get searched by Al-Sahwa. With this plan there is no way for anyone or any insurgents to bring a bomb or put the bomb in the streets so that make a kind of security for now in Adhamiya, and some of the shops have begun to open again and normal life is returning, step by step.

And about Abu hanifa mosque, most of the Imams were threatened by Al-Qa’eda and now they are in Syria and there is just a young Imam now there and he has not enough power to change any of this situation.

Here are some links to photos of the events in Adhamiya by Ali Yussef of the AFP, courtesy of Iraq Slogger:

and here is the article itself on IraqSlogger:

and this round-up of Iraqi Papers also has some coverage of Al-Sahwa in Adhamiya:

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