Adhamiya Dispatch #3 - 11.14.2007

[Editor’s note: This is Alaa’s newest update on the unfolding situation in Adhamiya. We will continue to cover the activities there as best we can, and update you when the rest of the media begin releasing their own coverage. Look for a longer article coming soon as well.]

When Al-Sahwa came into the streets a few days ago, most of Al-Qaedq hid their bombs and car bombs and other explosives material in one of the car parking areas in Adhamiya. Just yesterday, November 13, US troops found these bombs, with the help of Al-Sahwa, and destroyed them. So now more than six car bombs and more than fifteen roadside bombs were destroyed by US troops in the same day. The work for eliminating these bombs took more than eight hours from 12:00 that is, noon, until at least 8:30 pm.

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