Adhamiya Dispatch #2 - 11.13.2007

[Editor’s note: This is Alaa’s newest update on the unfolding situation in Adhamiya.]

Al-Sahwa forces start arrested anyone who has worked with Al-Qa’eda before, because some Al-Qa’eda members began to work with Al-Sahwa and they arrested more than 20 of them. After these arrests, the members who joined from Al-Qa’eda guided the US Troops to some roadside bombs and helped the US troops to destroy it and they destroyed more than six bomb in diferent places in Adhamiya, and also destroyed one of the carbombs yesterday night.

And US troops asked the people of Adhamiya to come and join the Adhamiya people’s police station to be protected by people from Adhamiya and yesterday 200 of them go and joined the police and they will be taken to the Police acadimy next week, as I hear from my source .

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