Adhamiya Dispatch #1 - 11.11.2007

[Editor’s Note: Right now the “Awakening” forces, something between a tribal militia and an organized local counter-insurgency force, has begun making greater public moves against Al-Qa’eda and other insurgent forces, with the assistance of the US and Iraqi armed forces. I’ll be posting short updates each day as received from correspondent Alaa who lives in Adhamiya and is in the middle of the Al-Sahwa operation there.]

Today, November 11th, Al-Sahwa forces started arresting some people who work like criminals before. Those arrested were given to the custody of US troops. As well, they arrested two persons who have been killing people and committing some robberies and kidnappings.

Last, there was some small fighting between Al-Sahwa forces and Al-Qa’eda members today, in the early morning of the 11th, between 2:00am and 3:00am. At least one of Al-Sahwa members was killed in this fight.

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