The Iraq Surge - When is All of This Going to End? - 09.06.2007

By: Omar Abdullah

[Editor’s Note: In anticipation of the Surge Report, we are asking each of our correspondents to write something about their impressions of the conditions today in Baghdad, what they are hearing and what they expect will happen. This piece is by Omar Abdullah, who is now based in Damascus.]

Lots of Iraqis ask this questions everyday, to the police, the Iraqi forces, the US forces, many of them wonder when is this bloodbath is going to end. None of the Iraqi families that I meet did not lose someone, at least they have one of their family members either missing or detained somewhere in Iraq. Some people I meet they think that if the US forces pull out of Iraq all of the problems there will end forever. But some of them say that if the US forces pull out of Iraq it will become a total mess and no one will ever control the situation, because of the large number of militias, some are Sunni and some are Shi’a and most of those militias control large areas in Baghdad and some other places in Iraq.

I spoke with one Iraqi citizen, who lived in Sadr city since the year 1980, named Abbas Mahmoud, he said “Most of the people who lived here had a strong faith in the Sadr family because they are from the family of the Prophet Mohammed and they were very kind since a very long time ago, and I think people in Baghdad will keep their faith in this family forever. But there is only one problem now in Baghdad, there are some people trying to destroy the image of this family by wearing uniforms that look the same as the uniform of the Mahdi Army. Unfortunately they are killing some Sunnis from distant areas of Baghdad and I hope one day we can find all of those people and punish them for killing other Iraqis, and for destroying the image of the Sadr Movement at the same time.”

After this I had another meeting with another Iraqi Sunni who lives in the Al-Karkh side of Baghdad, who used to live in Adhamiya from 1976, his name is Mahmoud Omar A-Kaisi, he said, “If we as Iraqis want this country to be return as it was, we should all be united together and never be separated. We should all use the word Iraqi, not Sunni or Shi’a or Kurds, and we should all refuse the ideas of the occupation and we should control our country by ourselves with out any help from outside. I think we controlled this country for many years and many wars happened in this country and we were able to fix it”

And I hope that Iraq will be rebuilt at some point, and I hope that all of the chaos will just be history.

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