Repairing Services in Iraq and Adhamiya - 08.06.2007

Social services, such as water, electricity, and sanitation have been on the decline since the fall of Baghdad saw widespread looting and a general collapse of Baghdad’s infrastructure. In areas that have seen ongoing fighting and a general lack of security, services have never fully recovered. Even in those areas that might have shown moderate repair previously, the flight of professionals and random destruction is removing any achievements.

Now its been announced that Baghdad is again running out of water, but more desperately this time than ever before. Just days before this article, CBS reported on a “drop of good news” from American Steve Frost, who is helping to repair water pumps in one area of Baghdad but, by his own admission, once finished these pumps will only, “be able to supply water to approximately 20 percent of the local area full time.”

In the baking summer heat, Iraqis take to sleeping on their roofs, electricity is too scarce to run air conditioners.

Further highlighting the difficulties of life for men working on the garbage and sewage problems in Iraq, in July MSNBC described how, “Nearly 500 garbage collectors have been killed since the Iraq war began. Many are young. Some are just teenagers.”

If that isn’t hard enough to stomach, according to this commentary in the Daily Star, “Dr. Abdul-Rahman Adil Ali of the Baghdad Health Directorate has warned about the serious consequences of a defective sewage system. “In some of Baghdad’s poor neighborhoods,” he said, “people drink water which is mixed with sewage.”

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