Arrests of Iraqi Women Provoke Protest - 06.25.2007

Raids and searches of Iraqi homes, particularly when women, but no men, are present are contentious. There have been a variety of rumors and accusations of rape levelled at US troops. The United States has detained wives or daughters when their husbands or fathers were wanted by the Coalition, and suspected of working with the insurgency. In a 2006 article, Nancy Youssef wrote that this practice has been noted as early as 2004.

Eventually such a cultural clash was bound to erupt. There have been innumerable demonstrations in Iraq, particularly in metropolitan centers such as Baghdad. This week we bring you one such demonstration, in Adhamiya, from early this year.

The demonstrators are angry, and have a lot of controversial things to say, but they feel their anger is warranted, and that arresting women is unacceptable, even an affront to their culture.

Please see these videos for a better perspective on some of what drives Iraqi opinion of US and Coalition forces:
Muhammad Describes Torture in Iraq, Surging Around the House, Insecurity Breeds Distrust in Adhamiya, Man Killed in Samarra by American Troops.

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