A New Report From Baghdad - 04.30.2007

[Editor’s note: To expand the content available in the blog, we’re going to begin posting updates written by Omar Abdullah, based on conversation he has with Iraqis in Baghdad about the situation there, as well as posting interesting articles written in Arabic, that we’ve translated to English. Please let us know what you think about this new work.]

I have some new updates coming from Baghdad and on the top of those updates is the new security plan that 90% of Iraqis have admitted is a lost mission and a new shame for the new Iraq government. So many dead bodies are found everyday in Baghdad streets and in huge numbers. Most of them are regular people, not related to any political party or working with Iraq police or the Iraqi national guards, just regular people whom they lived there entire life in peace with no problem of getting killed or kidnapped by one of the militias.

Now in Baghdad there are more problems then getting killed or kidnapped and one of those most important problems is the water and the electricity. The Iraqi people are tired of getting those promises from their government about fixing the electricity every month and official man comes on Al-Iraqiyah satellite channel and give a statement about fixing the power problem forever and everything is still the same, nothing has changed. ,

Things are just getting worse, according to one of our correspondents Basheer Rasheed, who said “The power did not show up in my area for over a week and it came once last week for one hour only, it was barely enough to refill the water tanks we have in the house and god knows how we are going to fix this problem. The Iraqi government is so busy with the security problem and building new security walls like the one around Adhamiya, and it’s proved they failed to fix the security problem in Iraq for more than 5 years and I wonder when are they really going to fix it, instead of watching us die day after day? I donít know how much the population of Iraq will be in 2009, and god only knows who would stay alive till that day to check the number of how many Iraqis left in Iraq to rebuild it. Ok let say they fix the power and the water along with everything, how are they going fix the trust among the Iraq people for the next years?”

And this question is going in my mind too, how are they going to fix the trust among the Iraq people-Sunni killing Shi’ite and Shi’ites killing Sunni? So many car bombed bridges might be blown up at any second and even there is a joke in Iraq street that says “Donít cross a bridge or you will go back swimming.” Most of the Iraqis are afraid now from using the bridges and I asked a guy who lives in Karrada, who refused to say his name, about the power there and he told me, “The power dose not show up in here at all but we see the Green Zone from here has power all the time, and we are just living across the bridge from them and we donít have power. Only just once a week, and sometimes twice a week so how are they going to fix a whole country while they can’t fix a small problem like power but they can provide the power for the green zone 24/7?! Why is this happening to us? They are supposed to let us live, not to kill us inside our own houses with their heavy guns or by cutting the power off for the whole day, and they donít care if we lived or died!”

I hope that one day all of these words become history and Iraq becomes a place for a good life, instead of getting killed.

Omar Abdullah

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