Al- Sarafia Bridge Destroyed - 04.22.2007

The Sarafiya Bridge after a carbombing.
[Editor’s note: This piece originally appeared on the Iraq Rabita site. We are considering providing Kamal Jubouri’s articles in English for our readers, we’d love your feedback about whether you find them interesting or insightful. This piece, which is a little dated, is about an important bridge that was recently destroyed in Baghdad.]

Some eyewitnesses reported that the explosion was very huge and caused four cars to fall into the Tigris witch were passing over the bridge. The river-police were trying to rescue people from those cars.

Our correspondent spoke with a policemen who confirmed that 12 people get killed and 30 injuries as well as sounds of the explosion were reported as being heard across Baghdad.

The Al-Sarrafya Bridge, located in the heart of Baghdad, is one of the oldest and most famous bridges in the capital. This bridge makes easy to reach to Baghdad University, Al-Mistensirya University, medical city, and Al-Karkh republican hospital as it connects the Al-a’atefya region and Al-Sarrafya.



Another eyewitness reported says as follows:

I distressed today in the early morning as every Iraqi nobleman were distressed with this criminal accident, this time the target was (Al-Sarrafya bridge)… this, leads to collapse a big part of the bridge, and to say nothing about the human damage left behind among killed, wounded, and shocked.

I’m not here to tell a story as what press news were reporting it with passion but I would like to mention on some points leaving the comment on this subject to you:

    1 - The time of the explosion and its harshness and the way of it doesn’t goes too far from the explosion of the sepulcher of the two Imams (Samara’a explosion).

    2 - Not a human being can deny the supposition that the operation of the bridge was done after the curfew end, and every eyewitnesses assured that the explosion done in a smart way that’s needed along time of work.

    3 - The explosion was very huge and heard in all of Baghdad, and that is a sign of the huge amount of squib material that used in it and its type that used in this explosion (remember Samara’a explosion), to know that the explosion happened after less than 24 hour from the American occupation forces show a new Iranian weapons found in Iraq.

    4 - Where were the coterie of Baratha temple and what surround it from death squids, the sectarianism, and the ING’s?

    5 - As Samara’a… AL-Sarafya bridge is an strategic bridge that serve all Iraqi people without any special sect because its connect many and common areas, and there is no profit to any sect to do such thing.

    6 - The current political circumstances is too strained, government disagreement, AL-Sadir forces threatening to withdraw from the Government, splitting in coalition, storm disagreement with the proximity country…it is the same circumstances that happened before Samara’a explosion.

Sarafiya Bridge from above the bridge.

Kamal Al-Jubouri

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