“Muhammad” Describes Torture in Iraq - 04.09.2007

[Editor’s update: One viewer has commented on the apparent insinuation/connection of this man’s torture to the recent security surge. That was not our intent, if anything it is meant to demonstrate one of the many things the Iraqi government suggests the surge will stop, and we hope the apparent complicity of government agents will raise questions for our viewership. That said, expect an updated edit of this episode soon. As always, we make an effort to respond to criticism, questions, and suggested stories.]

[Editor’s note, a version of this interview originally ran on Sky News, after they licensed the footage as part of their Iraq week.]

The man, “Muhammad”(not his real name), interviewed this week is just one of many, an innumerable and apparently increasing number of Iraqis who have been tortured by militias and fighters from all sides of Iraq’s violence.

This past Sunday, the Association of Muslim Scholars, an important Sunni authority in Iraq again raised the spectre of torture, alleging that the deaths of two Sunni scholars found Saturday.

The allegations of an Iranian diplomat that he was tortured by US CIA agents after being arrested by Iraqi forces led Iran to bar Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki from flying through Iranian airspace on Saturday, while en route from Iraq to Tokyo.

Although much has been said about the Abu Ghraib scandal and abuses at the Guantanamo facility, the apparently widespread use of torture in Iraq, on all sides of the conflict, particularly agents of the Iraqi government, has rarely been spoken about.

Alive in Baghdad has repeatedly discussed the use of torture in Iraq, including publishing photos of the injuries of alleged torture victims and a video interview with another man who claims to have been tortured by Iraqi security forces in Ramadi. This week’s video is our attempt to continue the discussion of torture in Iraq, shedding light on an important, and often overlooked, element of the Iraq war.

As the United States’ Democratic Party continues to push an agenda aimed at withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, it becomes all the more important that we continue our work shedding light on the unheard stories of the Iraqi people. Please consider making a donation to support the Iraqis who make these videos possible. Video or audio equipment or tapestock would also be much appreciated!

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