Iraq Under Focus - 03.19.2007

[Editor’s note: This is a new entry by Ausama, a young Iraqi who was living in Baghdad but who has fled with his family to the Kurdish region, due to the escalating violence. You may remember his earlier posts some months back. Ausama was previously involved with a project now known as Hometown Baghdad, by Chat the Planet.]

Now suddenly, for the first time in 4 years , as it appears the American government starts to pay a real attention for the situation in Iraq, a lot of debate about the future and about the strategies and what’s so on

A lot of question just pops into my mind, like why now? Do the American people know what’s really going on here on the ground? And the 2 most important questions are, how much is the US government serious this time and do they really know what’s going on and who’s really responsible for what’s been going on in Iraq for the past 4 years?

I know those questions might sound a little bit more as critiques than questions, but seriously they’re not, they’re real questions , although I try to answer some of them my self , but I always find my self on a dead end .

I’ll try to answer some of these questions and let’s start by “why now?” did they realized that it has been 4 years since they came and nothing good yet happened? Or
Is it all just another Battle for the American upcoming Elections and as we used for the presidential Battle, each faction in the states would do the impossible to win and in this case I think Iraq is being a tool for those politicians.

“Do the American people know about the truth?” A lot of them know about 30 % of what’s really going on, and those definitely didn’t know through the ordinary Medias
But the larger faction of the American people know the least of what’s going on and they’re not to be blamed since there are two main reasons, the first one is that they believe what’s the CNN or Fox been telling them, the second one which is related to the first one, that they are Americans, they carry the same identity so they definitely should stand beside their army even if they know their army is making a lot of mistakes.

I’m not here to blame the American people , and to be honest , I’m not here to blame the army as well , since a lot of soldiers are just doing what they’ve been told to do !
But of course everything happened so far is caused by the American stakeholders inside the white house.

If it’s not about the upcoming elections, then what it is for? Why the sudden care?
I have 2 theories now and each one of those has a big questions mark above it

The first one : It’s either the American policy in Iraq is going somewhere on a straight line and everything now happening is some tactics and by that I should try to illustrate why and how things are getting worse in Iraq if the plan is perfect why didn’t they made from Iraq a better place from the beginning ? Why to bring Iraq into a possible civil war?!

If it is all planned then why did they destroyed the infra structure of Iraq? And why did they hurt a lot of people and why did they build a sectarian political view?

My explanation for that which is some how is mostly sounds as conspiracy theory
They might want Iraq to suffer from Civil war and from destruction so that they would make Iraq the only courtyard for terrorism.

A lot of the Iraqi people also think that there’s a secret plan to destroy the Iraqi community and to deplete the country from the intellectuals to ruin any plan or chance to re-establish the infra structure of the country.
Which is of course would be something not far from the truth, since that situation would give the American forces the right to stay longer and to deplete the country from its own natural resources.

Or to be little bit optimistic ( after giving a dark theory , huh ! ) and say may be they want us to suffer so that we reject violence in the future and by that , it would be better for them since Iraqis are going to be devastated and will be tired of even thinking about using force against the Americans.
Given the current entries, I think this optimistic is to be a Nave thought!
And wrong if the Americans ever thought of that.

The second theory says that the American government and the American stakeholders don’t know what they’re doing in Iraq and they’re in a hell of a big dilemma and trouble.

It also says that they don’t know what to do, if they’re going to keep their forces on the ground, they might lose many and give many.

In the same time, they’re obligated to stay in Iraq because it’s their reputation and their official standpoint of the war on terrorism that they should keep.
So if they’re going to leave they’ll be definitely the losers and It would look like they did nothing but destroyed a country.

But to be honest I don’t really believe the 2nd theory , I always intend to think that all of what’s going on is temporary and someday day all of what’s happening in my country would suddenly stop and it’s what I wish and I think it’s what both the Americans and Iraqis want.

Anyway , I don’t know what are their true intentions , but I feel it’s my duty to reveal some of what’s happening on the ground now in Iraq .

What’s happening now, that intellectuals of doctors, lawyers, managers… all the good people are either getting threats to leave the country or getting kidnapped and killed and either ways all are leaving the country.

By who and for what reason? Those are questions where each one tries to accuse the other of the responsibility, but I say whoever is doing it, it all goes in the good of the illiterates and it’s all following a specific pattern.

It’s getting worse everyday and harder to live anything even close to normal in the country, because of bombed cars, explosives (although those 2 are the least to be afraid from now) since the worse is to be caught by a fake checkpoint of some militia and most of those militias are al mehdi militia (I’m not trying to accuse anyone) but it’s well known.

Of course it never end here, it got so clear that whatever to be called (the government) is a sectarian one, and unfortunately the current Iraqis government is responsible for many sectarian based problems in most of the institutions.

On the other hand, no body would ever feel safe by the presence of the American forces around since they arrest and hold the young people and kill “by mistake” sometimes.

Finally, I just want to ask, whose fault is it, that my friend’s father had to pay for? Why did he die? Who’s responsible for that?
Is it his mistake to go into a regular market and try to buy a nice book when a bombed car exploded?

Or why my uncle (and he’s a respectable American graduate mathematic) is being held in the American prisons here in Basra in Iraq.

For what we know so far about him, nearly nothing, neither why was he “abducted”!

That’s it for now, hopefully this new Law Enforcement plan would work and hopefully they’re serious enough this time to end up what they started!

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