Apaches Over Baghdad - 02.19.2007

Apaches, and other helicopters, have become somewhat of a ubiquitous nuisance to Baghdad’s residents. Their constant presence can be disconcerting, or even banale. Although helicopters have been called some of the world’s most fearsome weapons, and in particular are often mentioned in explanations of the awesome power of the American military, in Baghdad their constant presence has led to an attitude better described as resigned acceptance.

This week Omar Abdullah describes his impressions and feelings about the American helicopters, and in particular Apaches often seen in Baghdad’s skies.

With the recent upsurge in helicopter accidents and downings, an Iraqi commentary on the impression made by these machines is certainly timely.

Don’t forget, we are still seeking donations, if you can contribute money, equipment, or time, please let us know, there are many ways to assist our work! Omar is now in Syria, and we need to find a camera for him and are looking to raise money to pay him to cover Iraqi life in Syria. Please consider a contribution that will enable Omar to tell the stories of Iraq refugees.

Look here for some impressions of helicopters from Iraqi bloggers:

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