Americans’ Xmas Operation - 01.08.2007

The whole thing was a big mistake

Written: Monday January the 1st 2007 2:30 AM

I was in my bed trying to get some sleep… the moon was complete at that night… I heard a sounds of gun firing then a sound of a bomb… usually I ignore it cause here in Iraq we used to hear these kinds of sounds… anyway… after a little while… I heard sounds of the American’s forces passing through my neighborhood… from those sounds I sensed that they were a lot… and I expected there is some breakthrough in our neighborhood… then the choppers came and things started to get worse… choppers were flying over us… all my family awakened… and we sat in one room praying from the God to keep us safe till the morning… we were hearing the sounds of the choppers when its flying over us with low height… and the big engage started… the choppers were firing with its machinegun on Salih Al-mutlak house and so the Humvees… the battle began around from 2:45 AM to 6:45 AM… all that time we were hearing sounds of explosions and gun firing… then the calm has came…

I woke up in the next day at 11:00 AM because I couldn’t sleep all the night… I went out to see what had happened yesterday… I met my neighbor and we headed to the place of salih al mutlak… his house was completely destroyed. people were taking out the trash…

I drew a map explaining with all what happened… it begins firstly from Salih’s Guards… those Guards were thinking that there is some militia were attacking them so they throw a grenade on the U.S. forces… actually the U.S. forces were only patrolling… that’s the whole story… all of what happened was a misunderstanding from both side… but lets see what the Americans did to the neighborhood.

Map of the Incident

(click for larger version)

House #1:

This house belong to Salih Al-mutlak… there was 5 guards in the house… 2 of them escaped in the head of Sallam’s house… one of them killed… the rest 3 escaped to house Num 4… one of them died by a grenade thrown by the U.S. Forces… House Num 1 was completely destroyed… it had been attacked by 4 missiles from the choppers + the gun firing from the machine guns.

House #2:

This house is the Salih Al-mutlak next door… the main door and the wall was destroyed and there were no injury.

House #3:

It is a building on the main street… the second floor was a store and it had been burned because of the gun firing.

House #4:

It is the house where the 3 guards were hiding in its garden… the U.S. forces throw a grenade and kill one of the guards.

House #5:

This house is belong to a poor family… through the battle… one of them get injured… so the rest of the family went outside the house to call for help… when they are outside the house and exactly at the main door… the U.S. forces shoot the family… four of them were killed (the father, his two sons, his daughter)… the injured one died after awhile…

House #6:

This house belongs to Christian family… the father is aged 80 living with his son… (after they destroyed Salih Al-mutlak House… the U.S. forces begin the second attack on Guards of Sallama)… the tank entered house num 6 by destroying the gate and its wall… the 80 aged man was calling them to stop but they didn’t listen to him… they took out his cloth + his son both remained outside in cold weather … and the U.S. forces stole the house… (They stole a big mount of money + laptop + camera + some other stuff)

House #7:

This house was empty… but the guards of Sallama were using it… U.S. forces entered this house and explode its door and they shoot every room in it.

House #8:

The house of Sallama… She is a V.I.P but she is not at the house… she put her guards and blocking the roads… that’s it… (I couldn’t get info about this house because of the Guards)

House #9:

The American destroys the main gate by a bomb… and entered in its garden only… (The car of this house was destroyed too)

House #10:

This house was also has a gun firing by the chopper… we can see the wholes that made by the choppers on the walls of the house and on the street. (The car was destroyed too).

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