Alive in Baghdad - Christmas Special - 12.25.2006

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Eid Sa’eed, and whatever else you may celebrate. This week we’re taking a look back at 2006, and a year of video about Iraq, by Iraqis.

First we’d like to thank our tireless correspondents in Baghdad, Omar Abdullah, Isam Rasheed, Marwan Ghassan, Basheer Rasheed. We would also like to thank Rafat Jaiosy and Shadi Al-Kasim, who were there from the beginning in Jordan. Of course we must thank our translators Wisam and Neghem, as well as Qasem, Sami, Linda, Mhyar, Ahmed, Bassem, and many others who have supported our work.

We’d also like to thank supporters from outside of the Middle East, Justin Alexander, Robert Baker, Joe Carr, The CPT, Jay Dedman, Dave Enders, JD, Justin Kownacki, Robert Millis, Freeman Murray, Jeff Rae, Eowyn Rieke, Paul F. Roberts, Ben Varadi, Michael Verdi, the staff of, and our moms.

Since we began Alive in Baghdad in 2005, it has been a wild ride. Finally in late 2006 real recognition has started to come our way. We’ve seen that independent media producers utilizing the internet and harnessing the power of RSS distribution can produce stories CNN and big media companies only dream of.

As 2007 approaches, we plan on expanding and continuing our work in Iraq, as well as expanding to Mexico, and perhaps other countries and regions in the year to come.

However, we still depend entirely on the support of our viewership and are again urging you to make a tax deductible donation of money or equipment to help continue the Alive in projects. If you received a new still or video camera this christmas, or a laptop, or other media equipment, consider donating your old equipment to help make media in other parts of the world.

To learn more about how you can help, email us at or make a donation.

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