Perspectives on Electricity - 12.04.2006

The Electricity in Baghdad, and indeed all of Iraq, has been an ongoing problem. As the war and occupation nearly approach their 4th anniversary, these problems continue.

Although the press generally doesn’t touch on such issues, even today in much of Baghdad, residents only receive a few hours of electricity per day from the grid. Those who could afford it have taken to using private generators for much of their electricity supply.

In areas of unrest, these private generators have often come under attack, one of many non-traditional targets in a non-traditional war.

The electricity problems have also been a huge rallying point for Anti-American, and sometimes even pro-Saddam sentiment. Iraqis are quick to remind foreigners that in Saddam’s time, after the utter destruction of the electrical grid during the Gulf War in 1991, the electricity had basic functionality within 3 months.

Electricity is now just one of many issues that, if solved in even a small way, could go far in settling the intransigent resistance and putting Iraq back on the road to stability.

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