Alive in Mexico Begins! - 11.23.2006

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Hello all, as some of you may know, I am in Mexico starting a parallel project to Alive in Baghdad, called Alive in Mexico. Last night I uploaded the first video from Mexico, which can be viewed here: Alive in Mexico on Soon our new website, will be fully functional, so stay tuned! You can also watch the video below in this post!

According to Wikipedia, A zócalo is a central town square or plaza, usually located in Mexican cities. The most famous Zócalo is that of Mexico City, which is formally known as the Plaza de la Constitución, The government district of Mexico City is known after this. Zócalos were often the original central squares of Mesoamerican cities that were coopted by the Spanish conquerors.

In Oaxaca Mexico, after a pitched battle with demonstrators who had occupied the Zocalo for months, Mexico’s Federal Preventive Police, or PFP, occupied Oaxaca’s Zocalo.

In this video you will see what the Zocalo looks like today, currently occupied by perhaps one or two thousand members of this federal police force.

Alive in Mexico is a project started by the founders of Alive in Baghdad, and is entirely viewer funded. Please consider making a generous donation to support this work. 

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