A Mother Tells a Martyr’s Story - 11.20.2006

It’s nearly a daily occurrence that we read in the news of a half dozen or more insurgents or resistance fighters killed by US, Coalition, or Iraqi security forces.

Rarely, however, do we hear the full story, rarely do we hear of the fighter, or martyr’s experience. Although the press generally refers to them as insurgents, Iraqis killed on all sides of the conflict are generally referred to in Iraq as martyrs.

Ali was one fighter among many who have been killed during the war in Iraq. He was killed during one of many shootouts in the past year in Adhamiya. Correspondent Isam Rasheed met his mother by chance in a new cemetery that has been built for Martyrs, those killed by Coalition forces or in the rising sectarian violence.

Iraqis, and Arabs generally, have vastly different opinions of the resistance movement. For some more insight, see videos such as, A Conversation with an Iraqi Policeman, this conversation between two Sunni doctors, Iraqis Discuss the Resistance, and this interview with Yusef Rababa, a man who knew Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi personally.

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