AiB @ the Vloggies - 11.10.2006

it’s now been almost a week since the vloggies, which is the equivalent of a few months on the internet. Regardless, we hope you don’t mind as we take some time out to thank everybody who have helped make all of this possible. We’ve come a long way over the past couple of months and without the help of these people we wouldn’t be where we are today.

First off, thank you to all of our loved ones whom have put up with us as we tirelessly work to keep this project going. Thanks to Jay Dedman and Michael Verdi who came on board over the summer to help us get the project moving at a steady pace. Thanks to Irina Slutsky who helped make sure we were actually able to be present at the Vloggies and to the Hat Factory for letting us crash on your couches. Thanks to everyone who voted for us in the viewers choice categories, we brought home “Best Group” and “Most Controversial” for all of your hard work. Thanks to the judges who awarded us “Best Vlog”, “Best Interview Vlog”, “Best Political Vlog” and “Best Group Vlog”, with decisions across the board. It’s great to know people are really paying attention. Most importantly though, thanks to our guys in Iraq who continue to do such incredible work.

Congratulations to all the winners, it was a real honor to be among so many other talented people doing such innovative work. If you were unable to make it out to the event, you can check out coverage of the vloggies over at Geek Entertainment TV, in it you’ll find Brian’s acceptance speech and a general feel for the event. Be sure to watch BeetTV for an interview Brian about how AiB first got started and also Chuck Cirino’s Weird TV for a lot of interviews with the different video bloggers who made it out to San Francisco.

We would have made this thank you post sooner had we actually been able to get off the phone, out of meetings, or actually have a flight that landed/took off when it said it would.

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