Insecurity Breeds Distrust in Adhamiya - 11.06.2006

Sectarian violence is a constant refrain in the media coverage of Iraq. Details, insight, and complex analysis tend to be absent. Today Alive in Baghdad brings you another story about residents of Adhamiya. Adhamiya has been the target of much of the sectarian violence discussed in the media.

Alive in Baghdad reported on once such incident on August 17th 2006.

The Iraqi National Guard has been accused of being primarily assembled of Shi’a Iraqis. This accusation has raised many fears in the Sunni community that Iraq’s new security forces are sectarian and have a stronger loyalty to militias than to the Iraqi state.

In this episode the Imam of the Abu Hanifa Mosque calls on Iraq’s government to form special Iraqi National Guard force from the residents of Adhamiya, to ensure real security for its residents. He also asks Adhamiya’s residents to engage in a demonstration demanding this force be created to ensure the safety and security of Adhamiya.

For other examples of sectarian violence reported on by Alive in Baghdad, see this story about another rocket attack, and this about an AiB correspondent who was kidnapped by a militia. To hear more about concerns with Iraq’s security forces, see this interview with a man who was detained by the Iraqi Army in Ramadi.

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