Majed Jarrar, a Teen in War - 10.30.2006

I met Majed in Amman in 2005. He was a bright teen who was equal parts fire and self-righteousness and irresponsible and fun-loving. He helped start the ill-fated Iraq Indymedia, Al Muajaha. He’s had a mixed past dealing with Westerners, Americans, and activists.

Majed talks about the interest and exoticness of America and the possibility of Baghdad’s first McDonald’s. He has a strong love for his country and his home. It’s also important to remember, however, that despite Majed’s honest love for his country, he is not indicative of all Iraqi’s upbringing.

Despite being Palestinian, he grew up in an educated wealthy family, made famous by his brother Ra’ed’s blog dispatches. Most of Iraq’s people have not been lucky enough to escape the dangers of their country. Many Iraqis speak English, far fewer as well as Majed and his family members.

His upbringing and luck aside however, Majed has a dedication and love for his country, and is eager to speak about his life there and his hope for his countrymen.

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