Marwan Speaks About Kidnapping - 2 - 10.23.2006

Last week you heard the details of the events surrounding Marwan Ghassan’s kidnapping. As we said then, this is the second most upsetting news a media organization can receive.The first being of a correspondent’s death. This week Marwan provides more specific details about the questioning and events that happened during the three days he was held captive.

Marwan’s story provides an intimate look into the workings of sectarianism, and the way these ideas are constructed by the various factions involved in the Iraq conflict. Kidnapping is a daily reality and Marwan is only one of many Iraqis to have been kidnapped in the three and a half years since the war began.

Despite these hardships, Alive in Baghdad will continue working to bring new stories and insight about life in Iraq. We will endeavor to provide stories that you won’t find on other media outlets, including those such as Al Jazeera and the BBC. As a small outlet funded by our viewers however, we depend on your support to provide Iraqi correspondents with a salary and keep bringing this high quality content to you. Please consider making a donation here.

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