Escaping Kidnap, Abu Sadiq is Expelled - 10.21.2006

The kidnapping, killing, all of those things became something usual to Iraqi people, everyday we hear about 30 to 50 people taken or their bodies found somewhere! The funny thing is that we hoped that Abu Sadiq at that moment is taken to be kidnapped not to be killed, that’s because we can do nothing to stop what happened, because if we call the police, they won’t come and help because they’re afraid on their selves or may be because they don’t care for us in Adhamya, if we tell the army they would question us and accuse us as well and they rarely do anything for the civilians (cause every time they say it’s the police business not ours), and of course we can’t shoot those kidnappers because we’re afraid that they come back again or some of their associates and kidnap or kill one of us as well. Basically no body’s protecting us, and the only way we could help our selves is by closing the streets so that no body can come into our streets , but for how long, we have to open it sometime !

Of course that made his family and us happy, but how will they get the 100,000 dollars, they are a middle class family, they don’t have this amount of money. Anyway, they kept arguing with the kidnappers for 3 days, and in the meantime they sold everything they had in their house and their car and they borrowed money from their relatives, in the end, I guess that last amount was 400,00 dollars!

Anyway, the next day we were all of us at the mini-market asking about what happened, and did anybody called, 1 hour after that we checked “Sadiq” (Abu Sadiq’s son of course) And he told us that the kidnappers called and they wanted 100,000 dollars, and they let Abu Sadiq speak to his family for a couple of minutes, you know at that moment we really felt good because they didn’t kill him, especially after we knew that he talked to his family!

Abu Sadiq finally came back home, I hoped I could take some pictures for him after his accident, but I couldn’t, I just hoped to show you what happened to him, his face was literally destructed , he barely could walk. It was sad, but you cannot imagine the look on his family face when they saw him came back home alive, they were all happy, and I think If he could express his feelings at that moment I bet he would’ve looked happy as well!

2 days after, we were standing all of us at the mini-market, (which is the only place we go to nowadays) and a friend of ours called Sadiq, sadiq told him that they’re going to move from their house, why, because of a threat! That same gang threatened Abu Sadiq family and gave them 72 hours to leave their house. They claim that they’re threatening Abu Sadiq’s family because they’re Shi’a family living in Adhamiya but they have no right to do that, because Abu Sadiq lived here for almost all his life!

Unfortunately, what happened is happened and we can do nothing, for me I just wish to have some giant microphone. And shout with the maximum volume that what those people are doing is wrong!

This is a Daily usual events happening these days, the problem is, we’re surviving them once and twice, but we never know when will it be the end for us? May be in the 3rd time or 4th, we never know!

Just a week ago or may be less, my brother was walking in the main street just 500 meter away from our house, walking to come back home, when a bomb exploded to destroy an Iraqi Hum V. (that was only 100 meter away from my brother). The rest of the Humvees opened fire on the civilians who were walking in the street, thank god my brother run into a narrow st. once he heard the explosion!

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