Marwan Speaks About His Kidnapping - 10.20.2006

Aside from death, abduction of a correspondent is just about the last thing anyone involved in a media organization wants to hear. On July 23rd, that is exactly what happened. Kidnappings have now become routine in Baghdad. Luckily Marwan was released approximately three days after his kidnapping.

Unfortunately when Marwan was first kidnapped, we could not tell his story, due to his parent’s request and fear for his safety. Today we bring you the first segment of a two part interview about his kidnapping and detention by one of Baghdad’s militias, apparently the Mahdi Army.

Marwan was kidnapped while shooting b-roll, that is supporting footage depicting life around Baghdad. It is an unfortunate reality that shooting footage on the streets of Baghdad is an incredibly dangerous prospect. Marwan had only been working for one week when he was kidnapped, he had not even received his ID card.

We are currently considering different strategies and options for how to expand our coverage, and collect footage of everyday life, without greatly endangering our correspondents on the ground.

One of the ways we are considering dealing with this issue is by making our correspondents less visible, by providing them smaller Mpeg-4 and digital still cameras. If you can suggest where we might find such equipment, or would like to make a donation, please do so here.

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