Qasem’s First Day Under Arrest - 10.11.2006

25 September 2006

For the last 2 days…..many people were killed by US snipers in Qattanah sector, it is the central houses in old Ramad.

It is known that there are US snipers in the building of Ramadi museum in addition to snipers in the Passport building, general library and some other buildings near them….
Those snipers found to prevent civilians from use the main street in Ramadi….in addition to killing anybody who is moving around the buildings….

Oh my ……sorry, I could not finish 25 September 2006, I was arrested by US Marines

27 September 2006

The beginning of this day is at 1 am while I am chatting with peace friend from Mexico, this friend is warry about my nephew and she asked me about my family and the situation here…..this friend is important to me, we used to chat almost every night, and she was trying to charge my soul with peace, at the time that I needed reasons to be peaceful …and to stop myself from losing peace.

During this chat I had a problem in my pc, something was wrong… I lost the control on my computer ….so that I asked her to wait me for 20 minutes to restart my pc again….

While the computer was getting restarted, I heard sound of destroying my house gate……
My brother came upstairs to my room.

“Qasem, Qasem…..Americans are crushing the doors!!!!!” my brother shouted to me in fear…

“Ok, ok, I am coming, I am coming. Wake up the family and don’t turn on any light or shutdown any one…..I am coming now ” I said and I ran down stairs in a hurry….

I saw the marines in the garden and they were holding my father and grandmother ….

“Hello ,helloo …..I am speaking English ……we are peaceful family……” I said to the marines in clear voice and words …through the window

” hey show ur hands and halt now ” a marine shout on me …

I raised my hands and freeze in my location….

The marines soldiers spread out in the garden and kicked 2 doors and many of them went in the house

“You are who speaks English ….right ?? ” one of the Marines said to me.

“Yes I am …whats wrong ??!! ” I answered with surprise …..they know that I speak English!!

Marines surrounded me, then, the officer ordered me to bring all the family here the main room(the living room).

I did this with 2 marines following me…I woke up my brother and 2 sisters and Rahmoon (my nephew) and his mother and his baby sister, Rahmoon and Aia were sleeping peacefully, they seemed like 2 Angeles. I carried both of them to the livingroom.

Then the marines spread out inside the house …..downstairs, upstairs and everywhere in addition to the roof.

They where searching for something and I did not know what it was until I asked the officer, he said that they were looking for bombs and guns …

Till now that is usual, we used to get this bad experience with Marines inspections ….but this time they were acting more roughly….

The officer started asking me question…..he asked me, “Who is this …this and this …….etc,” pointing to each member of my family

I answered …..he is my father, mother and brother …sister …nephew …etc

“How old are you??” he asked me

“30 years old …” I answered him

“How did you learned your English??” he asked me looking at me, eye to eye

“In college,” I answered.

“So you are Baathist ?? ” he asked me with a cold face

“No I am not …..!!! ” I said

“Hey….only Bathist got higher education and speak many languages…before Saddam gone ” he said …he seems like don’t believe that I am not Baathist.

“Nope believe me….everybody in Iraq can get free higher education in Iraq …not only Baathists …ask anybody, you will get this answer!!!” I said, explaining to him

At the time, a marine came carrying old small photo for Saddam …he got it from my grandmother’s room.

The officer raised the photo and turned it to me …to show me it and said, “You like him ….right ??”

“Like him or not !!!!! …is it a problem for you?? ” I answered him.

“Did you served in Iraqi Army…..I mean Saddam’s Army ??” the officer asked me

“Yes I did ” I answered

“How many years U served there ??he asked me quickly

“Less then 2 years,” I answered

“What do you know about Fedayeen*?? ” he asked me

* Fydaeen : it is military group fomed by Uday (Saddam’s son), it is specialist fighters ready to fight until death for Saddam.

“I don’t know alot …it is know as fighters working for Saddam and nothing else” I said

“What do you think about America …is it good or bad ?? “he asked me

“All that I can say for a clear answer is, America did wrong things in my city …”

I answered him with surprise…..he trying to make me say words as enemy for united states !!!!

“You believe that Saddam was good man ??” he asked me ….

“I believe that there is people better than him in Iraq,” I said…..I know it is wild answer ,but I am trying to avoid some words that make the officer use them against me ….

“When and where you learned English ??” he asked me

“During 1990s in college ” I said

“Hey, hey ….English was not allowed during Saddam time” he said .

“No …it is normally to study English in Iraq schools for the last 70 years…

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