Osama’s Story Continued - 10.10.2006

It was the second time I see my father shocked as he was, the time after my uncle was killed, it was because one of his best friends , a doctor, a professor of mine, with my dad in the college and hospital, he was killed! It was a moment, I will never forget, because the only thing I was thinking “is this a dream?” I just wanted someone to wake me up! My mind couldn’t and still can’t bear the idea that I was just talking to both of those men just days before they died and they were full of life! I stood there, recognizing the Reality of this Dream, and my mind was in a total black out, I didn’t really care for anything at that time, I was just thinking of one thing, what’s going to happen to us after this?

The Most Sad Part of All, is that we can do nothing but move on with our lives, we got used to everything, I didn’t imagine that in one day my uncle would be killed, and then a week later I would speak normally as if nothing happened! Am I unfaithful to his memory? Is it because we can do nothing? Is it because the killing, kidnapping, and assassinations happen more and more that we feel nothing toward all of these?! I don’t know what happened in my life that triggered this series of events, but it just happened. And a couple of days after My Father’s Friend was killed, My Mom’s Uncle was Kidnapped on his way home, He’s not rich, He’s not into Politics, so why was he kidnapped ?

After we knew he was kidnapped, 2 hours later, his family called us and told us that he came back safe! It was pretty much surprising to hear that, because we always hear about people got kidnapped like him and never got back home, they found them dead somewhere outside Baghdad city! Of course We asked him what happened, he said some armed people stopped him on the road and asked him about his Religious Denomination, it was obvious they were militia men those kind of men who kill the opposite Religious Denomination, once he answered them, they put him in the trunk of his car, He heard them talking about killing him like they did to 4 others earlier that day! And then they took him with the car, He struggled and un-tied him self and kicked his way out of his car, and ran to a farm!

You can imagine listening to those people and they’re saying they’re going to kill you, what will you do, I think I know the answer now, because I saw a 65-year-old man doing the impossible to get his freedom and life back! Two days after that He rented a car to get him and his family outside Iraq! After the Occupation, the situation has become so much worse and is still getting worse, so now everyday we hear in the news about some people being kidnapped and then found as dead bodies hours after that, but I just didn’t imagine that it would be this close to me, as it happened to my mom’s uncle and Just Days Ago to our Neighbor!

I was separated from the last incident by a few minutes and meters only! It happened in the Afternoon, I was going to a mini market near to our house walking.I did the shopping and I was going back home where I saw “Abu Sadiq” (our Neighbor) watering his outside garden, I said Hello and he said hello back to me! I walked home and entered to our house, and just after that I heard some men shouting, when I walked out of the house I found people in the street standing and said that Abu Sadiq got kidnapped!

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