AiB Correspondent Arrested by Marines - 10.09.2006

[Editor’s note: Due to the nature of the content of this entry, I’m posting it without the usual grammatical and spelling checks that I usually do for Qasem’s entries. I’ll look it over for content tomorrow and clean this up.]

At 27 September 2006 US marines get in my house at 2:00 am ( 2 hours after midnight ) …the inspected all the house specially my room ..and destroyed furniture ……..they asked me about my computer ….it seems they already know about it …they asked me to operate it and show the hidden files….and details

Then they asked me many questions such when and how I learned English and personal questions also …about me and my life and job.

Then they arrested me and arrested my brother too.

The moved us by walking with fixed hand and folded eyes to civilian house used by them as military base ,,,, I know that because the put me inside room and take opened my eyes .
Then they took us to there unit base ( C/1-60 N ) it is marines base.

We stayed there for 2 days then they moved us to jail of Ramadi that it is found inside main marines base ( Near Blue Diamond Palace ) .

In jail I found that Military intelligence of US army printed out my blogs from my computer and they read it all and wrote their notes about it, and I received many questions concerning my blogs…..they think that they found useful information ..and they want more from me …
Generally marines hated my blogs ….and they accused me of many things without any evidence ..for instance they accused me that I represent threat for security and the evidence that they used is my blogs !!!!

I stayed in jail for 12 days …and I performed peace activities to push them to release me as soon as possible…on of the activities was claiming them for list of my rights …..but they did not show me my rights, they just told me what an Occupying power has the right to do in a security theatre.

Inside jail I saw my nephew ….he was put in same conditions as adult prisoners, in the same room and treatment ….I couldnot talk him at all …..Talking is not allowed for all prisoners (NO TALKING).

One of military intelligence officers told me that he like my blogs although he believe that it is show only bad side of US troops.

In Jail there was good marines and bad bad Marines also …some of them hate me because I understand their bad words for the prisoners …and I asked the officer in the jail to stop them saying bad words for prisoners some of them liked me ….and one marine soldier asked me for my email address …he like to be in contact with me as friend…he said ” U will be my first Iraqi friend ”

Inside Jail there was many old men, more than 60 years old, and they treated same as others ….some of them have no shoes-their feet were naked-because they were arrested while they were sleeping in their houses .

The main purpose for arresting me was to make sure that I am not writing my blogs to support insurgency …..and marines made sure that I have no relation with any Iraqi carry weapon against US troops.

I was released at 7 Oct 2006 at 7 am ( morning ).

Now I am have to say, not only peaceful Americans reading my blogs but ….US marines reading it more than anybody else …..and the Military intelligence of US army think that it is important for them to see the daily life of HELL ( hell = Ramadi ) as one of them told me .

Thanks peace friends….now your comments will be read by US marines too …my blog is not for only peaceful people any more…..there marines whom join us to exchange ideas ….and I thing that could give good support for peace when some of people whom carry weapons exchange ideas with peaceful people ..


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