Stories From a Man Named Osama… - 09.30.2006

[Editor’s note: I’ve been chatting with a young guy named Osama who lives in Adhamiya, and I’m working on convincing him to write regular entries about his life in Baghdad, and perhaps someday to do video like some of our other folks there. This is first entry, of what I hope will be many more.]

Itís my first time writing here, I know Iím writing my own diaries, but I have this feeling that it should be made as a movie!

I donít know really where should I start, I told brian before about many things that happened to me and my family and I donít know if he wrote that.

This summer we were supposed to go all of us to Lebanon, but because of the war there we were separated for like a month, me and my brother stayed in Syria and then the rest joined us there too because of the war. Anyway, I went there to Lebanon after the war, I liked it so much, I didnít care about the destruction about the few numbers of people there, because whatever and however the situation is there, itís better than Iraq!

Anyway, after we came back to Iraq , things started to be so messed up, more than before! The American forces broke into my grandmother’s house for the 3rd time in 2 years, and this last time, the Iraqi Army was with them, because of this, we were so lucky that we got home before they could steal and rob all of her house!

The funny thing is that a couple of soldiers from the IA said literally : “Weíre sorry to steal some of the stuff from your house , but we didnít know that there are people living in it ! ! !”

Anyway, 7 days after this incident, 7 days only, my cousin called me and told me : “Go and find out what happened to our uncle, they say he had an accident and heís in the ER!” I called the moment my cousin hung up the phone, and they told me to go back to my house and give some id no. to my dad. I went back home, and I saw my mom crying, and they told me that my uncle is dead ! ! !

It was more than a shock to me, I stood there, and couldnít say a word, but I just kept thinking whatís the reason why, so I asked them and they told me he was killed!

Some American troops were coming in the wrong way, and he was going on his way home, they popped from behind some blocks and came in the wrong way. He stopped for them and waved not to shoot him, but they shot him many many times!

I donít know what to say, except to say what he was: he was a 55 year-old accountant; he worked for several global companies before!

After his Funeral, 5 days after his funeral, my dad whoís a professor at the college of medicine, called the college to ask about some things, and suddenly he stood up , and Cried : No, No, No, Impossible !

[keep checking back for Osama’s next entry…]

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