Alive in Jordan, Rafat Returns from Lebanon - 09.27.2006

[Editor’s note: Our correspondent, Rafat, who is based in Jordan now, just returned from Lebanon where he met and interviewed people who were affected by the recent war. Alive in Baghdad will carry video and photos from his trip soon.]

I know its been a long time that I didn’t send any thing about my trip in
Lebanon, but I was in the south and the situation there is very bad.
Most of the southern villages are without electricity, especially the
villages at the border, which is destroyed by the Israeli bombs. It is
the same picture when you enter most of these villages, the same
destruction. When you walk from the beginning of the street you will
see destroyed houses and stores all the way to the end of the street.

The people who own these houses are sitting on the street crying or they look so
sad because of what they lost, sons, friends, brothers, houses and
their work…

They lost their villages and their life, but the thing that is shocking is, when i asked them about what happened to them or if they stayed in their houses and for how long? They said in middle of their speech , “every thing is nothing, and we prefer to loose
everything just for the resistance and for the leader of the resistance.”

So i asked my self why? I cannot be far from my feelings when I see all of this destruction
and the faces of the kids.

But something happened inside me when i saw how they are unified (between the people and the resistance), and i remembered directly all of the pictures of destruction after each of the israelis’ wars, and
how strong is the person who hits a civilian refugees convoy running away from war.

This trip is really hard for me to see and to live. Even though I was in iraq
many times and i did seen many things like that. So all of these
pictures were coming into my mind, and i couldnt stop my eyes from weeping.

You can tell how all of these issus are connected to each other. I mean
Iraq, Lebanon & Palastine, they are all one issue, and you can tell more about it
all by the fact that they are all using the same weapons.

As soon as posible you will know more about the trip with pictures and videos.

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