Ramadan in Ramadi… Nephew still detained - 09.23.2006

Today is the first day of Ramadan. Me and all of my family should wake up at 4 am to have our first meal (Alsahoor) for this Ramadan.

This Ramadan has a different test, it is same situation but not all members of the family here, because 2 members missed, my brother and my nephew.

When I remember that every Ramadan my Brother was waking up all the family with his silly jokes, this time I did, I waked up my family, but without the silly jokes.

Till now my nephew Sami is still under arrest.

In the morning Mr.X asked the soldiers about his son (who was arrested with my nephew). The soldiers told him that the two young boys are under Iraqi army detention. It means everything is getting worse.

I can’t talk about all of my day, but I can say it was bad as usual.

I am writing now and it is midnight and my nephew already spent his second night under detention.

Thanks for all the comments that I received, thanks for your support.

I know that some readers think that maybe my nephew is doing bad things, or fighting, it is not clear for them.

But for me I am sure that my nephew has a simple life and he is working for 8 hours everyday in his father’s shop. He is doing his school homeworks in the nighttime, and living with his family while all of life is getting worse.

And for me, that he is one of 200,000 prisoners treated badly in the jails and nobody cares about them, only their own families who can’t do anything to help them, and they miss them.
Now my family is one of 200,000 families that are waiting for their sons to be released and pray for that everyday. I am praying for that, and telling you in the same time…

Thanks for all, thanks for peace friends

[Editor’s note: For those who have not read all of Qasem’s diaries thus far, his brother died last June, when he was in a car accident and an American checkpoint would not allow him to reach the hospital.]

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