An AiB Birth, an AiB Death… - 09.20.2006

Alaa Adel, an Assistant to AiB Correspondent Killed

More and more it begins to seem that the question is no longer if you will be killed in Baghdad, but when. On September 15th, Isam Rasheed’s assistant, Alaa Adel, was killed.

Alaa Adel was on his way to meet Isam on September 15th, 2006, in the Adhamiya neighborhood when he was apparently shot in the head by an American soldier.

As some of you know, Isam Rasheed’s wife has also been pregnant, and about to give birth. Three days after Alaa’s death, Isam’s child was born, on September 18th.

Here is the most recent note from Isam, and the only details we have so far regarding either incident. As information becomes available, we’ll release it here. The Coalition to Protect Journalists is also launching their own investigation.

Isam’s email:
At 15th of this month my assistance(he was my close friend of me)get KILLED by US troops when he was on the way to my house, they shot him in the head with a special bullet, and I saw his brain on the floor. I buried him and I lost my mobile at that time, It was really very hard and sad time for me and I could’nt open my email from that day. and I met one of the US officers and I told him about my friend and I saw how much he didn’t care about killing innocent people, and my friend is one of many innocent people get killed everyday by US troops . this was the second accedent in this month for me the first one was for my car and the 2nd one is about my friend. and the good news is that I got baby at 18th (my wife giving birth) I was waiting my new baby but because of my friend killing I didn’t feel in any happiness.

If you wish to send your condolences to Alaa’s family please leave a comment here or feel free to send us an email if you would like to help in some way. Please email:

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