Update from Qasem, on the situation in Ramadi - 09.19.2006

[Editor’s Note: Qasem will be doing fairly regular reports for us int he coming weeks, and we will likely set up a separate blog for him, if that seems the best path. We will definitely keep you informed as to where you can find his content.]
September 16th…
Now I am in Ramadi …as usual ….it is not easy to write or find time to do it ….I have to look for fuel…winter is coming soon ..and I have to take care my family for sure….there are many needs..for example shopping is risky here …I have to drive the car through streets full of hidden snipers ) and to reach my car I need 20 minutes of walking under hot sun ..
Nothing is easy here, only death.
Today I went to Tameem …..the main bridge was closed at 12 pm
So that I used other bridge it was half closed by a US checkpoint …the soldiers inspected the car after 2 hours waiting ….long time right ?? it is not for me …it was the best for last few days
Any way ,,,,,in Tameem there was many things happened today one of them was the death of 2 men (father and his son) and one woman in another place …this happened while US tanks were on the way somewhere …moving …as usual soldiers inside the tanks kill what they can see of people …anybody and anything moving …maybe they have wrong information that nobody should be staying in this city …only the enemy ….they treated all people as the enemy …so most people could be real enemy as reaction .
On my way back I found the bridge open and I got my chance to pass the checkpoint after only one hour ….now it is 5 pm ..I have to hurry up after a short time nobody will allowed to move …
On my way I have to pass traffic light cross ……it is on the end of the main street in Ramadi from the bridge side …….
In fact it was not the end but it became the end of the way before several months ago …when the US held part of the main street to be their own way and nobody can use it ..and everybody who tried, was killed by snipers on the Province Building of Anbar and sure there are other snipers that hid in occupieded houses along the way .
Oh my ….i can see Azizia sector ..it is completely erased …by US military dozers …..day after day the Azizia houses destroyed more and more.
Azizia is part of Ramadi ..in fact it is the oldest part …there is …sorry …”there were” hundreds of old houses ( more than 100 years age ) that ordinary famouse families in Ramadi is living in them …now all of them ran away, and the US destroyed these historical houses forever .
In addition to the houses that were destroyed there is schools and big buildings that were destroyed such as
1- Alrasool Alarabi primery school
2- Al Ramadi school
3- Youth centre
4- Police centre
5- Shops and apartments
6- Alrasheed hotel
7- The teacher developing centre
8- Phone tower for mobile services ( belong to Iaqana mobile company )
9- Shopping centers buildings
10- Alrafidain Bank branch
11- Retired employees office .
12- Meeting centre of Ramadi teachers ….
As I am an engineer, I can say we will need three years and a million dollars to rebuild Azizia again …in addition, we need now to find a place for the families that were forced to allow their houses destruction ..
There were more than 700 families ..I am not sure …but what is sure is most of there sons are young and now have strong reason to attack US troops ……they need their houses and no way to get them again only by forcing US to get out and pay them for damage that caused ……..but US troops did not apologize to them.
The main reason for this destruction was to give the snipers the ability to see what is behind Azizia ….
Anbar province building found in front of Azizia and the only border between them is the main street that was closed by US troops for the last year ….nobody uses it …nobody is allowed to be there, only US troops.
Well ..it is not the only case in Anbaar …this happened before ….in Fallujah …at Nov 2005 US troops destroyed Alshuhadaa sector on the eastern side of Fallujah…
When I saw the new image of Azizia ,I remembered when I was student in Ramadi secondary school …..my favorite way to go to the school was Azizia ….the old houses was cold in Summer and I were walk on the shadow side to avoid hot sun ….with my friend we were walking together ..carrying or books ..and there was juice shop that was making best juice of ( Tamurhind )[dates] ……
Today I felt that more of my live memory destroyed and I need an answer from US troops …..why did you destroy Azizia in this way …..it is nothing now ……nothing
Most families who was in Azizia was living here for 4 genrations along more than 100 years …the first house found in Ramadi was in Azizia ..now it is destroyed …why ??!!
By the way, no US soldiers have been killed or injured in Azizia for the last 3 years ….but they destroyed last few weeks to make US snipers feel comfortable !!!
On my way to the my house there was burned car …it was an Opel Omega ….I asked people there about it ..the answer was this car attacked by US sniper and 2 young men burned inside it…..the sniper attacked them with burning bullets ….because he want the street be ready for the coming tanks !!!!
Well I reached my house now ….so most my hard day finished ,and I am still alive ..
Now let me tell you about the some thing more
Yesterday US troops occupied the following :
1-Alulah secondary school for girls
2-school for under 6 years old kids
3-primery school in street 20
4-the new building of education management …..new building is old school used by the education management …because the origin one had been occupied 1 year ago by US troops
5- the houses of Albareed sector
6-the stores of education agency that contain the requirements of the schools for the new study year …books furnature and so on .
now most schools can’t work in Ramadi and most students have Examination that they missed now …so study in Ramadi getting worse….and our kids will lost their ability to learn with this situation.
oh my ..I cannot write more …sorry …the generator going to shut down ..I have to get some fuel as soon as possible ..for generator and cooking and next cold winter ..
please …do not forget ….Azizia destruction is the fact that shown whom destroying Iraq every day …..if anybody have a comment, please I would like to hear it ….Americans should say something for the families that lost their houses and for students whom lost schools …and for me whom lost my memories in Azizia ….till now not only memories I lost …

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