Alive in Lebanon… Rafat’s First Report - 09.15.2006

[Editor’s note: Rafat Jaiosy, whom we’ve worked with in Jordan for awhile now, and has assisted with translation of video produced in Iraq, is now in Lebanon, where he will be interviewing people who witnessed the war, about their experiences then and current perspective on the situation. This is his first report]

It’s the first day in Lebanon, from the first second i entered from the border, the picture of the martyrs are everywhere, when you walking inside the villages or in the small towns and cities you can read also the names of the people who got killed from the bombs or by the face to face fighting in the south,
when you walking in the villages and feel something strange with all of this pictures and the emblems writen everywhere, something, you can not say its real, many peoples got killed put the people here, most of them are happy, even if they lost their houses or their sons or any person in their families, when you ask them about that and hear the answer you can feel what they talking about, they feeling the victory, they feel that the big monster is broken, and they got their revenge from the Israelis, they believe that is the beginning and they proved to the world what is the Israeli paper monster.
that what i heard from the people at the first day here, I am still near by BALBAK , and soon i will travel to the south and to Beirut and many Lebanese cities to filming and try to meet more people to know about all of their opinions maybe tomorrow after some interviews i arranged with some people…
today also i was in ZAHLEH and i took pic for MUM MARY statue its amazing,
the people here are so kind and helpful, they living together in harmony way, no different between the Muslim or the Cristian’s with any religions, even if i some times heard about that from the authorities, but no, its such a policy, you can feel that all the people here is brothers.


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