Alive in Ramadi… Qasem Gets Back in Touch - 09.13.2006

As those of you who have been reading our blog for awhile are aware, we have a number of contacts in Ramadi. Adter the US operations began there in June, we lost touch with many of them. Now Qasem al Dulaimi has re-established contact.

We’re going to provide you his up to the minute description of the situation, that we’ve just received via chat messenger. After that, we’ll provide his diary, leading from when we lost contact up until the first week of August. To read all of the diary, please click “read more” above.

Today in Ramadi

At 2pm EST Qasem explained the situation in Ramadi, where it was 10PM local Iraqi time.

“Now it is calm, but I am in my house, if I go out, I will be killed by snipers. Most of the time we must stay in the house. In front of my house there is a humvee, with United States soldiers. The US arrested more than 10 civilians in the Malaab area.”

“Until now, the US have crushed many more buildings, and some of these are the government buildings. There are new shortages in the hospital, especially for blood bags. Today the US did not allow for a team of engineers to fix an electricity probelm. Near Alhaq Mosque, there is destroyed electricity transformer ….and it caused more problems for the electricty service. There are some people who want to fix it but the US refused.


August 2 2006
The early morning was full with sounds of explosions …..bombs but no sound of fighters guns ……all the sounds was Americans guns ……in add to the sounds of tanks and Helicopters .
Today I heard that one of my best friends ( Ahmed 32 years old ) arrested by Iraqi soldiers while he entering his house …..the y kicked and abused him with very bad treatment and words ….till now I heard about this in add I heard that US soldiers helped him and released him!!!!
Till now I am not sure yet …I will try to get out house and visit him …he is now on his bed in his house.

About 5 pm I reached my friend house ( Ahmed ) ..he was on bed ….he cant stand up …nor walk …..
He welcomed me ..
I asked him about was happened for him ….and he told me his hard experience that he was waiting death during it..
At 31 July 2006 There was attacks on the US base ( occupied civilian houses ) near Ahmed house ….after fighting ended …some Iraqi soldiers came with guns and inspecting houses …….one of the unlucky houses was Ahmed house ……..there was no guns and no fighters but they arrested him ……the arresting happened at 1: 05 pm.
7 Iraqi soldiers toke him to the Iraqi military base ( occupied house ) ,they toke him with fixed hands and folded eyes …they pulled him strongly along 750 meters on feet …on the way there were many pre-coasted concrete walls ….they were pulling Ahmed strongly to impact the walls with folded eyes …he was shouting because of pain on his face and legs …Ahmed mostly crushed on the way to the base ….
On the base they put him in garden …and forced him to sit down then they started kicking him with hands and feet on his stomach and head strongly …..afetr few minutes they put him inside very small room inside the house ( military house ) ,Ahmed noticed the small room was bathroom ,because he found ceramic bricks on the walls when he touch them with hi hands……
Other Iraqi soldiers came and forced him to sit-down and they removed the fold on his eyes …one of them asked Ahmed if he know any fighters in the area …..Ahmed answered him that he don’t know any fighters .
Then one of the soldiers said that he will force him to talk ….showing him wire (cable ) with many knots along it that increase the injures and pain .
Then the soldier started kicking Ahmed on his naked back strongly with long wire with knots ..
Ahmed was shouting strongly ,it was very painful …too painful
After few minutes other soldier came and take the cable and start again …..the soldiers said very bad words to Ahmed during the kicking and abusing in add to sectarian words ……
After long time ( about 30 minutes ) one of the soldiers told Ahmed that they will take rest …..Ahmed asked them for water ……they brought hot water and told him to drink it if he like!!!!….the temperature at day time is more than 45c .
After a while the soldiers brought papers and pen to Ahmed and told him to write down his evidence and to write that he attacked US troops and Iraqi Army … add to write any names of friends !!!
Ahmed refused …he told them that he did not attacked any body and he have know friends whose can be fighters ……
Then soldiers started again kicking him …..Ahmed body couldn’t continue wake up any more so he lost his power and shut down ……..soldiers thought he dead…so they stopped and through cold water on his body …..Ahmed waked up again …and they started again …but this time other soldier was trying to connect 2 wires to the generator but Ahmed was lucky because the wires were not long enough to reach the room .

After a while ..they stopped and told him that he should keep quite and say nothing …and they get out …..later ..American soldier came with camera …..and the Iraqi soldiers behind him …..the American soldier came to take photo for Ahmed ……
Suddenly the soldier get in the bath room and pointed Ahmed to stand up ..then he take photo ……then Ahmed shouted on him
” look at this they abusing me ,I am dieing here ….I am not terrorist …I am engineer “Ahmed shouted in English
the American soldier shocked when Ahmed said these words and the Iraqi soldiers surprised when Ahmed was talking in English ….
The American soldier turned back and get out quickly ..and the soldiers followed him .
After few minutes an Iraqi soldier came and told Ahmed that he will be released now !!!!
They released him to the street quickly …Ahmed released at 5 pm

For me ..I think Ahmed released because the American soldier couldn’t keep Ahmed any more under abusing because he became witness on this case … is American way to close their eyes in front of the crimes that they arrange it ……
3 cases similar to Ahmed case did not end when the American soldiers saw them because the prisoners keep quite although they found inside small room full with blood spots and abusing wires .!!!

We will post the rest of the Diary, from May until this entry soon…

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