An Update From Correspondents - 08.25.2006

[Editor’s Note: I received this email from Isam a few days ago, posted here in full. I will also mention some comments from Omar at the end.]

Adhamiya was under attack yesterday 21/8/2006. Three police cars came to Adhamiya petrol station yesterday and they start shouting and beating the people who where at the queue to get petrol and after that Adhamiya people attacked Iraqi police and after that the Iraqi police the and asked the Iraqi army for help to attack Adhamiya and at the same time the Iraqi army asked US troops for help.

After 30 minutes Iraqi army and US troops came to Adhamiya and started attacking Adhamiya with heavy machine gun and US warplane (F16) was flying in the sky over Adhamiya and they attacked Abu Hanifa college (for Islamic study) and also burn two civilian cars and 5 people were injured and US troops attack one of the shops in Adhamiya and they burn it. The Iraqi National Guard shot at the cables for electricity and the transformars for electricity alson and they continued attacking Adhamiya for one and a half hours from 11:00am to 12:30 pm.

There is no electricity in Adhamiya from yesterday to now.


After several conversations with Omar, the picture of life in his area of Baghdad has degraded greatly in the past weeks. This week he spent more than 48 hours at one stretch without electricity. The increase in gas costs has paralyzed the use of neighborhood generators, as well as Baghdad's traffic. In the past week, when the generators have come on at all, they have not worked until 10 pm or later.

Furthermore, there has been an increase in fighting and raids in and around the Mansur district, near where Omar lives. The situation has become so bad, that he now spends a fair amount of time in another location of the city with family friends.

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